Getting my act together..? 750 Words Saturday, 6 August 2011.

I need to try harder. Much harder.

I’m in another state of “I have fuck all to write about”. As it turns out, this writing daily lark is much worse then the daily vlog (Video Log, like a blog but with video) I still have to come up with something worth talking about but here I have to write this shit down rather then just rambling in front of my camera.

So anyway, rant over.

I need to start shooting shit, so I figured I’d just use my Sony HDR FX1e. I would use a Canon 60D Or better the 5D mkII. But I don’t have one, I’d need around a thousand quid to get one, or fifteen hundred for the 5D, which is what I’d rather have, I’d at least have good depth of field and 25 frames per second recording in true 1080 high definition. But I can’t I have to just use my Sony HDR FX1e which shoots 1080i 50 *sigh* its a good camera don’t get me wrong but I really need a HDSLR. I need a job so I can afford to buy the 60D, but no one is giving me a freaking job and its starting to piss me off.

I know that once I start working in security again it’ll drain my life force, once again, and turn me into a ghost of who I am, I’ll be miserable and pissy, short tempered and aggressive, when all I want to do is make films. I still need “extra bodies” actors and crew, honestly its likely that they are the same people, maybe a local drama school. But I’d like to have people I can know, people like me, a friend of mine is, wants to make films, but he live so far away I’d have to spend 3 hours on buses daily. And there really isn’t a guarantee on how long it’ll take to shoot something. If he said 4 weeks of weekends, that fine, but I know that would never happen. The last 50 minute film took 2 years, and we shot one scene 6 times. Know, its was great because we learned so much, but 2 freaking years. No thanks.

He asked me once, about a year ago if I’d like to travel to his place to make another film, in the message he told me what buses I’d need to get to his place. I said no thanks, I just don’t want to spend that much time on buses sorry dude. He wasn’t happy with that. I wonder if I asked him to travel down to me each weekend because I wanted him for a film would he travel down. I think not, but thats just me.

I would love to help him out I really would, and if I had a car there would be no issues, ‘cause I’d just drive up there, it would take me about thirty to forty minutes a time. I hate buses.

So I’d need to find people around here or at least an easy travel, about a year or two ago I put the word out on Shooting People, its a website for indie film makers, a good resource, you just ask for help and wait for the eMails. So I put the word out and I did get replies, 4 people who were like me, they wanted to put a group together and make films. But every time I tried to sort out a met up so we could at least get to know each other and learn about what we would like to do, no one responded, it was a complete waste of effort, I even set up a social network on the Ning platform for us to communicate better. But again, nothing. Annoying. I learned from this that the only way to get that kind of thing started to to have something, a script, ready to shoot, then put the word out ‘I have a script and I want to make it, help me’ that way you have a start, then you can network with people and hopefully, if the shoot goes well be able to contact them again, and of course they can contact you.

I know that the camera isn’t really important, it helps the overall look and feel of the picture, if it looks like film people will take you more seriously. If it looks like video, not so much. But as a film maker I’d say the story is the most important aspect of a film, something Hollywood seems to forget each summer.

Of course it all comes down to my inability to write. You’d think that a job in security would be a great place to write, because you don’t really do anything, but I get, well super/uber bored and in that state I can’t do anything let alone write. I’m a lazy ass who complains a lot about that fact he can’t write as often as he’d like to. Yep, an ass.

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