Vimeo or Youtube? 750 Words Friday, 5 August 2011.

Check out my tan lines

So I’m actually writing this one on the 5th of August. A ways back I missed a day, I’d utterly forgotten to write it and so ruined my streak. But as I did write a 750 but uploaded it past mid-night it counted for the next day, since then I’ve been one day ahead. I’d write the thing out then wait till the clock passes mid-night before uploading.

So now I’m writing this out and have no idea what on earth I’m going to write, so I’m just kinda rolling with it.

What the fuck am I going to write..?

Vimeo. Is it a better platform for film makers than Youtube?

Youtube is currently the largest website for sharing videos, its free and has 1080HD uploads. It also has the largest collection of short films, including some of the oldest short films made, like “The Great Train Robbery” a take on the Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid story. But the problem is, because Youtube is so vast, its difficult to get noticed, so you have to spend hours on end “Networking” sending out messages to people you hope will like your film, but first they have to watch it and not just delete the message. Then you have to hope they like it enough to tell other people. You could go through the Tier 1 Youtubers and ask them to give you a shout out, some will, maybe, most won’t. I’d go looking for Youtubers with lots of Subscribers who actually make short films that aren’t what I guess you could grudgingly call Youtube celebrities. Basically for someone uploading to a channel with no subscribers, its hard to get seen.

Vimeo is a site made by film makers so its more orientated that way. This week I’ve been watching Vimeo a lot and one thing I noticed right away, these people know what they are doing. On Youtube the Tier 1 tubers, the ones who get all the views, all the attention and all the praise can’t make good shorts, sure they have the technology, the cameras and computers and software but they can’t write a story let alone act or deliver good dialogue. The camera work is about as basic as it gets and the editing is nothing special. I see these films and just cry, all that equipment and it simply goes to waste. In my opinion one Vimeo film is worth 1000 youtubers. But thats just me. Sure Youtube is a good platform for film makers if people know your there and you have no time limit on your video uploads. Then you have to deal with haters and trolls.

If your a film maker get your ass over to Vimeo, its free to join and you can upload one HD film per week up to 500mb. Yea that kinda sucks and is most likely why its not as big as Youtube even though its been around just as long, having said that its probably a good idea its set up that way, to keep the trash out so to speak. $60 a year gets you unlimited HD uploads up to 5GB a week, and free or not there is no time limit. If your a serious film maker you need to use Vimeo, pay the $60 its totally worth the feedback and the better picture quality. Youtubes 1080 on full screen doesn’t look that great because you have to lower the bit rate so much its not technically HD anymore. HD is more that just 1080×1920. You still need a high bit rate, around 5000kbps, Vimeo’s 5GB limit gives you more room for quality. Also the playback is smoother and it looks great fullscreen. Unlike Youtube. And as a Vimeo Plus or Pro user you don’t get the ads. Of course because of the exchange rate I get this for £37 a year. Totally worth it.

You’ll see people using Canon 5D’s, 7D’s and 60D’s properly, RedOne’s Red EPIC’s, shooting in 24fps progressive. I’ve seen a video on Youtube, supposedly shot in 24fps, but it looked like 30fps to me, so much so I had to ask the makers. It just looked like “video”. If you want to see great short films with professional actors and not people who think they are. Great story telling. Go to Vimeo.

So, what have you been doing today, anything interesting. Anything at all. No. Seriously you haven’t don’t anything interesting today. You boring wankers.

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