Puppies. 750 Words Sunday, 7 August 2011.

Look. I'm Black and White and looking off to one side.

This is about yesterday, I would have written this yesterday but I couldn’t be bothered. Yes yes yes I know ti shouldn’t say that I should be writing each day until I develop a habit. Anyway, its done know so deal with it.

My sister brought down her two new pups. Not sure of the breed, and I didn’t ask her either. I don’t really care that much about the freaking breed. Anyway they’re about the size of small cats right now, only like 8 week old, I guess they are a small breed anyway, but the little beggars are cute.

So as I normally take my phone everywhere, I thought I’d capture some pictures and video, I didn’t capture enough of my dog while she was around, especially as a pup, but then I didn’t have such easy access to either a camera or video camera. Camera phones did exist back then, I was 17 when I got Misty (that was 17 years ago) so I couldn’t. Thats my excuse anyway.

I say anyway a lot.

I figured I’d help out my sister and take photos and make some videos for her while the pups are pups. So I shot about 11 minutes of iPhone HD video and I’m not sure how much video from my HD camera. Which I need to look at today. Even thought I have a few days to edit it. I’m most likely going to upgrade my Vimeo account to a plus account. So I spent a few hours editing but as the footage was not natively captured by Final Cut it needed to be rendered before I could mess with it, that took unusually long. I then spent more hours picking the look, using Magicbullet plugins, I gave it an old film look and added some copyright free music from Incompetech. The video is only about one minutes twenty seconds long and once I was happy with it, except maybe the iPhones dreadful rolling shutter, I called my sister to look at it, she loved it so I thought, find its done and I can now upload to the web, Facebook and Youtube, But as I added a lighting effect, based of film stock, an orange artifact that pops in from the left side at two point within the video, I thought I’d add one frame of white to try and make it look like it was at the end of the film roll, I located the frame I wanted to use, I split the clip and added the brightness to 100%, I hit render and Final Cut crashed and I lost everything because, like a dumbass I didn’t save the project at any point during the editing, its beed awhile since I’ve used Final Cut to edit, I usually would save after doing anything.

I reopened final cut but it kept crashing every time I tried to do something, I had to restart the computer, after that is worked fine, for a bit, until I stated to add all the effects I wanted, it got annoying, but eventually it started to work fine and as I could remember all the effects and filters I used before, it took a fraction of the time to get back to where I left off before. Tip, fucking save your work as you go, seriously people save your work as you go.

So I still have tons of video from my other camera, which I haven’t even looked at yet, this video I want to upload to Vimeo as well as Youtube and maybe facebook. I hate facebook but my sister and mother use it so it the only place they could see it, as I haven’t told them about my Youtube or Vimeo accounts, and do not intent to. Ever. I’ll look though the footage later on and start piecing it together. Save save save. I don’t think I’ll be adding any film look filters or anything like that I guess I’ll just keep it raw. Ok I might do something, the camera only records in 25 fps interlaced so I have to do something, I’m editing in 24fps and Progressive, I could add a subtle vignette blurring the edges, that does help, a little, but when you have a wide depth of field too, there really isn’t much you can do. I need a new camera, that HDSLR Canon 60D, I’d much rather have the 5D mkII but I’d need a job first. One that pays well enough for me to actually save money.

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