Puppy Video. 750 Words Monday, 8 August 2011.


I’m going to write two of these today. Well, I’m going to try and write two of these today, I really liked being one day ahead and want to be back there. So this one is for today and the next one, yep you guessed it, is for tomorrow, to be uploaded after the clock strikes mid-night.

So my sister brought her new 9 week old pups down this weekend and I spent a ll of time with them, I like dogs, I filmed lots of footage of the two, I think I shot so much because I didn’t shot much of my own Dogs, Misty who died a few years back. So after my Gym session I started working on the EPIC PUPPY BATTLE video. They spend a lot of time fighting with each other. Crazy little hell hounds. And they sound like Ewoks. You know Ewoks, those pathetically useless little bears from Star Wars Return of the Jedi. Anyway I’ll be uploaded it to Youtube, Vimeo and Facebook. Then embedding it to Wrodpress and Blogger, and Google+. And also sharing it on Twitter. Social Media whore I be.

I still have a massive crush on Allison Mack.

Any who, my day is going to be filled with editing this video. And I might need to get Vimeo Plus so I can upload it there, $60 a year. Or in my case £37. Not so bad for the year. I guess.

Well, nearly done with the basic edit, the clips are nearly all in place and the filters added. I need to finish that off then start the fine tuning, to match it to the music better then I’m done.

So, I have a large amount of salad to eat, but it has those cherry tomatoes, I and I’m not to keen on tomatoes but I am using Caesars (sp) salad dressing, which I love, so I might just eat the tomatoes. Damn I got nothing. I have something else to write about but thats being saved for the next 750. These Riots in London. My home town.

I’m finding it really hard to write about anything right now, the Riots here are kinda taking over my social media and its all thats on my mind, but I don’t want to talk or write about it until tomorrows post, to be written later on.

So the rest of this post is just going to be ‘As the day goes’.

Ok so I just bought a Vimeo Plus account. And the Puppy video is nearly done. Well I have a rough edit, now all I have to do is fine tune it. But as I’m drinking beer, I’m all out of Carlsberg Export, but there are some Corona, so I’ll just tape into that. If I get pissed before I finish the video I’ll upload tomorrow :D

Not sure how to finish this off, I still have over 250 words to go and I have no idea how to finish. I’m screwed I know, what the fuck am I going to write for the next third of this post, I mean I could just copy and paste the same word over and over again until its reached its 750, geez. Sometimes this is just to damn hard to do, I should have written this in long hand, if I did that I’d be done.


The video is nearly done, just waiting for it to render the final set of filters.

I sat in a Google+ hangout with a friend for a bit, nice chat covered lots of stuff. Needed a pee, and a beer, so we ended it.

Now I’m fine tuning the video.

Hopefully I’ll have it up tomorrow, I doubt it’ll be ready tonight. I might be, but I want to sleep on it and give it one last viewing before I export it, but I want to do that with fresh eyes. I still have a few things to add, like credits and stuff. But for the most part its all done.

Ok maybe the video will be up later rather then tomorrow. Yep, still editing.

Lots of police sirens. #LondonRiots.

Ok then, the video is ready for export, 1080HD I think, need to retain as much quality as possible. Then to upload to the internet. All day I’ve been back and forth to this video. I wasn’t going to upload it today, but it all really depends on how long the export takes.

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