London’s Burning. 750 Words Tuesday, 9 August 2011.


London’s Burning, London’s Burning,

Fetch the engines, fetch the engines,

fire fire, fire fire,

Pour on water, pour on water.

 Never did I think that this sound would be sung again in such a way.

How did this all start. Well on Thursday a 29 year old called Mark Duggan, who was under investigation by Police was shot dead after the police stopped the cab he was in. Its unclear if the Duggan pulled a gun and fired on the police or weather he just pulled a gun, or if he did either. But if police are investigation someone on gun crimes, the armed police will be there, and wouldn’t fire unless threatened.

The Duggan family held a protest on Saturday due to the Police not giving them details on how this happen are actually when it happen, the police didn’t contact the family after the shooting. And as Duggan was under investigation you’d think they would at least have a next of kin phone number. But because of this lack of tact by the police, people, including the Duggan family believe that Duggan wasn’t armed at all. Sorry people, but if he wasn’t armed and he got shot, then he didn’t nothing to dispel that fact from the police. Of course no one really knows what happened except those who where there, Duggan and the officers.

I just saw a clip on the News, people attacking the police throwing bottles and bricks, but the police do nothing in return, one officer in riot gear was kicked, yet did nothing, he raised his baton in a threatening manner, but did nothing, the man stood there. Personally the officers should be fighting back, kick for kick.

So this protest on Saturday, the Duggan family perfectly right to do so, but a small group of people have used the peaceful protest to incite riots. And now these riots have nothing to do with the original protest, they do nothing but disgrace the Duggan family and the people of London, and now many other cities and towns in Britain.

I woman on the news this morning talked of how a group of 15 to 18 year olds petrol bombed the shop below her flat, she does work with troubled youths in South London and recognized the demographic. They set the shop below ablaze with no thought to those living above, who’s homes are now gone, all their belongings gone. These ‘thugs’ have no care to what they are doing, they do it because they can now get away with it, if someone stands up to them, they see it as an affront to their having fun, They break windows kick in doors, destroy local small businesses that can’t recover from this, burning down old buildings and cars, because they can.

I read a tweet last night, something about rioting being by those who go unheard. No, not in this case, in this case the message was lost and forgotten on Saturday night, now its all about just wrecking havoc on the streets with no regard for people they hurt. So I ask, why on earth should we give a fuck about them, if the police crack open a few skulls, so what.

You know that if that happens, which is most likely why the police aren’t doing anything, the police would get a bullocking by the families of those who cracked skulls, the police can’t win, now or later. The Press will shout that the police aren’t doing anything but if they do the press will condemn them for hurting the public.

I remembered a quote from a batman movie, “Some people just want to see the planet burn” and thats the kind of people who are doing this.

Cameron: More Police on the streets. 450 arrests. More arrests expected. “If you are old enough to exact these crimes, you are old enough to face the consequences” He also said they would face the full force of the law, I’m assuming he means that books are going to be thrown. More robust policing, what ever that means. Kind of hoping it means that the Police can now fight back.

I’d wager that most if not all of the people rioting are on the dole, collecting benefits, don’t have jobs or an education because they never went to school, they are most likely the kinds of people who start fights of buses, who stab people because they were asked to stop throwing chips at people, these cunts have nothing in there lives worth a damn, they prey on the weak on a daily basis, these riots have given them the opportunity to do the same thing on a large scale. They are the kind of people that can course property prices to drop, just by moving onto your street. They are loud and dirty. They do because they want to and because they know that if you tell them to stop dumping crap in your garden, they might just attack you for offending there ears. And I’ll lay money on the fact that most of those rioting are the kind of people to put on an England shirt and chant “ENGLAND ENGLAND ENGLAND” during the World or European cups. The kind of people that would hit someone for bad mouthing their country and their city. The kind of people who shout at the top of their lungs to throw out the foreigners. Who wanted to attack Muslims after September 11th 2001 and July 7th 2004. Yet who is worse. People fighting for what they think is a just course. Or people who set fire to there own cities.

They do this because they can and want to, they have no message, nothing to say they do it because they can. Mindless thuggery.

Lots on Twitter last night were saying that they are rioting because of their disenchantment with the government. That was what the original protest on Saturday was. These riots are different. I’m very sure that the Duggan family wouldn’t want peoples lives and livelihoods put at risk. You must understand that the riots have nothing to do with that protest.

Every time there is a large protest, every time, there is a small group who use it as an opportunity to incite riots and looting. This time its just BIGGER.

“Some people just want to see the world burn”

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