Interview. 750 Words Friday, 12 August 2011.


So, I have a Job interview at 10:00am Friday. First one in a long time, even though I apply for about 10 jobs a week, some of them may even be the same job applied for more then once. I applied for this job on the fourth of April and received a phone call on the tenth, just asking if I could come in on Friday.

Finally I have an interview. So today I shaved. Close. I hate wet shaving, using foam or gel with a razor, I usually just use my clippers to get as close as they will let me, which leaves a nice amount of stubble. A clean shave just feels wrong to me. If I get this job, I’ll have to wet shave every day I work. I hate shaving at the best of times and don’t normally do it more then once a week, but beggars can’t be chooses. I need a job.

Also something else I hate doing, wearing shoes. I never wear shoes if I can help it or have the choose. I mean if I get married, I’m wearing converse. I have one pair of shoes. I never wear them but have them just in case I have to. Like tomorrow. Have to give the right impression, I can’t turn up in converse or my boots. So the shoes have been pulled out and the dust blown off.

And yet something else I’ll not do if I can help it. Wearing a suit. I hate them. I pulled out my old security uniform. Hey my last job was at Burberry, so its a Burberry suit. Black in case you might think its plaid. I tried on the trousers, fit fine, my legs are a little be wider due to the gym but they fit fine. The shirt, which the last time I wore it it was a little tight in the guy, but again the gym as gotten rid of that problem. And the chest and shoulders fine great. The Jacket, which was a little to big in the chest now, yep fits great, my shoulders might be a little to wide now but its okay, it ain’t that bad. So, the suit, short and shoes are all ready to be worn. And I have to say, I look awesome in it. Wearing a tie is still up in the air though, I look good without it. I look good with it. I think I’ll just take it along and if I think I’ll need it, I’ll throw it on. Or maybe I’ll take it with me, put it on before I go it, and take it off after I’m, done. Right impression and all.

Fact is I really need to job, because I really fucking need some money. I need to clear my credit card as soon as I can.

Of course working might interfere with my going to the gym. There is an LA Fitness near this place, but I hate those gyms. I like my gym. As I’ll be using the tube to travel there and the Gym isn’t to far away from the last station on that line I could just do that. The Gym closes at 10pm. Security work has always managed to drain my self worth and wellbeing. I know that I’ll be working 38 hours a week, which in Security is weird, it doesn’t really make sense, I’ll ask and I expect them to tell me that it was a mistake and that the hours are in fact 48 a week. Thats would be four on four off 12 hour shifts. I could then go to the gym on my four days off. Which I shouldn’t be doing. So security is actually a job that contravenes fitness. This is why people who work in corporate security long enough always end up over weight. They eat crap because long hours of nothing give you the munchies. At Burberry there was nothing to end so it was either bring your own stuff or order pizza. Preparing healthy food before hand is better but never lasts. You end up trying to get as much sleep as you can before a night shift and then have no time to prepare anything, so you order pizza. And of course a night shift means lots of sitting on your ass doing, not very much.

My goal, get his job, but keep looking for something else in the mean time. Something where I don’t have to travel into the city, basically u hate Buses and London Underground, where I don’t have to wear a suit and shoes, and where I don’t have to shave if I don’t want to.

Then of course I still have my inability to write stuff. I’ll blame work, but really I’m just a lazy writer.

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