A Short. 750 Words Monday, 15 August 2011.

I writed something

So today I finished a rough draft of a short film scripts called ‘The Copy Boy’. I’d only written 5 pages of a possible 10 before and today I thought, I have nothing to do, so why not finish it. Not exactly sure of how much I’d actually write I sat down turned off the TV and turned up my iTunes, I selected the Led Zeppelin playlist and just let it play.

I opened up the Final Draft file and stared at it for a bit, 5 pages, why did I only get that far. I opened up the treatment file and read through it again, I was half way down the thing. I only wanted this to be a minute minute script, hence a 10 page script, and being 5 pages in already I thought it shouldn’t take to long to finish up.

I made a cuppa then got to it, I remember stopping before because my brain simply gave out on me and I couldn’t figure out what to write next, this time I just sat there and it started to just pour out of me. This happens a lot by the way, if I leave something long enough.

I must have wrote 3 pages by the time I figured it would be a good time to have a break, some family had turned up and were downstairs, another excuse to stop for a bit. I had a few cups of tea spoke to them and about an hour later they had left and I was back in front of my Mac writing, checking my treatment then writing more.

16 pages. The final rough draft is 6 pages longer then I wanted it to be. But thats ok, I could easily shorten the film in post, by tightening up the editing or just removing some parts. I’m actually happy I wrote to much, this gives me more to play with later on.

All I’d need to film this short is;

A cast of 4 or 5 main players. Two of which are principle cast the others supporting cast. Some extras. Redressed to fill different scenes from different angles. A Taxi, which I’ve done before and isn’t an issue, you just slip the drive a little extra. A bus, I have no idea how this would work, either rent a bus or, as the scene is at night, wait until its really fucking late then ask the driver if we can film stuff quickly. An office, a reception, a copy room. A bar a few quite streets and a flat. A decent camera and simple lighting, a china ball and some fill lights with gels. And a hugh roll of clear plastic sheeting (Don’t ask).

Of course I still need to play with it a bit, I already know that I need to change a few things and add one or two others. Just to make a point a little more clear for the audience. I usually write scripts from my point of view first, and as I get everything thats going on I usually forget that the audience might not. So the first rewrite is usually to make sure that the audience can understand whats going on. Again, stuff can be removed in post so filming to much doesn’t really matter, I can then make it obvious or subtle in the editing phase.

Now I’ve written this and finished a rough draft, I’ll print that off in A5 size so its easier to carry around and with a red pen make revisions. And I can start the next one. I think Horror and thriller are most likely going to be the main genres I write, mostly because they are easy and I don’t really need to get in-depth with the emotional content of a character. Happy, sad, scared, afraid, crying, easy. In this script I stayed away from the blood, and the violence is more implied. I think it just worked better for the story.

If I do happen to come up with a story thats either romance or drama then I’ll write something down, but I doubt I’ll actually be able to write something like that and make it any good and worth watching. I’ll give it a go though, if I came up with something. Don’t hold your breath though my mind usually defaults on horror or thriller.

Of course I need a job and a budget a camera and a new iMac (Not really) but it would be nice. If I get this job, the one I had an interview for on Friday I’ll be doing all the over time I can get. So I want be around much and doing a daily 750 will be harder to get done when I’m working the day shifts, night shifts I can write it at work.

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