Over the last two days i’ve been listening to the same 24 tracks by Led Zeppelin. Its a best of compilation album or something like that.

Anyway, in the last two days while listening to the Zep i’ve written four, yes count them, four short films. They are in a rough draft form, and all they really need now is a shot list for them to be ready to shoot.

Does Led Zeppelin have some kind of magical mojo over the creative, that makes them able to do this stuff?

I have three more that i want to finish, to get them to a rough draft stage at least. These three are all ideas, like the others that i’ve had for a long long time. but never wrote, for whatever reason. But as i’m in the mood now, i’ll see if i can’t get them done. That would mean i’d have seven short films ready to go. Coolio.

And i’m pretty sure i’ll have more.

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