YES I CAN. 750 Words Tuesday, 16 August 2011.

i'm write. I write good

No Gym today, I forgot that we’re now going on Tuesdays rather then Mondays. So I get to sit here and write stuff *smiley face*

I’m in a writing phase right now and want to get the most out of it, I’m in the mood to write, yesterday I finished off the last 11 pages of what turned into a 16 page script, it was only meant to be 10 pages. Then I wrote out another 7 pages to another scripts, which I think is finished, well part one anyway, I could continue it but it might turn into something much longer then I want so I figure if I leave it for a bit I might decide to write a part two. It ends well but starts incredibly violent.

I seem to default on violence, not sure why, I guess its just easy to write conflict when violence is in the story. But today I wrote something that have no violence in it. I’m so proud. Its a story I heard while working in the prison service, about a man who looses everything to drugs. I wrote out the treatment and either tonight or tomorrow I’ll start on the actual script.

What I’m trying to do while in this writing phase is get as many as I can done, in at least a rough draft. I really want a back catalogue of scripts that I can put out there and use to try and get people interested in making them. I’ll use Vimeo and or Shooting People (dotOrg). Having scripts that are ready to shot or even in rough draft form is better then asking people to make films then expect them to have something. I’ve tried that before, and one thing I’ve learned is that, if you put out the word for help, fello film makers or wonnabes, they expect you to have all the answers. To have the scripts and the now how, weather you state in your message that you don’t have either. They expect someone to be in charge and that person is the one asking for help. Oddly.

So, once I have a few scripts behind me, I can then try again, “Hey guys I need help making this stuff” then show them my scripts those interested will step up. Although I have to mention that most that “step up” usually flake on you later.

Take names and contact details. Those that stand with you to the end stay at the top of that list, those that flake on you go into another list, the don’t expect much or keep the project short list. Lets not forget those that will want your help in a project but aren’t concerned with helping you out, using a line like “I want to work on my own projects” even when they finish that project, you ask for help and they say “I can’t think about more then one project and I’m currently writing something, but if you guys want to help me out when its don’t that would be cool” These people go into the ‘GET FUCKED’ file. You keep these names so you know who to avoid. Also, be aware of the travel some people might need to take in order to help you, one bus rid is ok, if they need to take two buses to get to you or where your shooting, don’t be surprised if they can’t or don’t want to do it. Some people don’t want to spend that much time on a buses to make a film thats only hitting the internet. If however they do, you might want to compensate them in some way, like paying for lunch.

So anyway. I’m searching my mind for stories that I think I can actually write, I have a few more already written down in a rough treatment, they need a little thought but I think I could get them scripted soon, yayy. But then what? I guess I’ll find out if I can really do this film making lark. I think I can, but clearly not alone. All I need is two maybe three people, thats it, I think with them I could produce anything, well anything I’ve written so far, and as our combined experience grows. A feature film.

I mean whats the point of life without dreams. I might have to work a security job and make films at the same time but if thats how its got to start then thats how its got to start. If I write shorts that can be shot in three days then I can shoot them on my days off. Of course I need to soak up as much over time as I can get to begin with I have things that need paying off.

And so, back to script writing.

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