I be looking back. 750 Words Thursday, 18 August 2011.

Time for a short kip

I like being one day ahead of this 750 word writing thing, but it does feel good knowing that I don’t have to get something written today and I can wait until tomorrow. But that way I loose my one day led.

Over the last few days I’ve written more treatments and a few more short film scripts. I do seem to be writing more lately, but as I said a few days ago, its most likely a phase though, and will end shortly. Thats sad. But the truth. I’ll write if I can keep it up.

Now, again, I have nothing to write about, this 750 is becoming a job or a chore, and I hate chores.

Man, nothing has happened thats worth a few words on a blog, damn.

I guess I could talk about The Room. A feature film idea I had a few years back, the ‘Room’ is all CGI which I designed and built in Cinema 4D back then. The scripts wasn’t done, I’d only written 5 pages at the time, so when I decided to change it from a feature to a short, the idea seemed to fit better, I figured that if I take Act 1 and make it a ten minute short film, then take act two and turn that into two other parts, and Act three as the final forth part, each about ten minutes long. So all in all it’ll be less then half the length of the original script. 40 minutes down from a planned 90. Anyway, I found all the old notes and made some adjustments, I now have part 1 scripted. 3 more parts to go. I also found all the old CGI models I made.

And today I wrote the treatment for the action film prequel, but because it has an action sequence in the middle, I’m not sure the script will be more then a few pages, even if the film itself is around 5 minutes long. I just wrote ‘Action Scene’. I do this if I don’t have a location to visualize, if it gets made, I’ll just film the stuff before and after, then think about the action stuff in between, lots of running diving, shooting and killing. I don’t know why I wanted to write this, but I like it. And I guess it could also be used as a promo reel to be used to find funding.

So right now I have 12 short film ideas and 5 of them scripted. I hope to have more done by the end of the week. Then I can start thinking about other ideas, that are more suitable for a lone film maker to shoot.

Okay, now I’m thinking I need a kip, I was up at 7am, its now nearly 6pm. *Yaaawwwn*

So, how you doing today, anything interesting happen. No, me neither. I hate having nothing to write about. Its boring. I seriously need to get out more. Four words from 500.


So, have an old blog. Again.

No Idea…

 I’m on no particular path because i have no particular direction in my life, i’m 33 and have no idea what i want. I know that i do not want what most people i know have, A job that is adequate a mortgage a wife and kids. To then spend the rest of their youth paying off that mortgage.

 I’m 33, i’ll be 34 in a few months and i have nothing to show for my life, not a thing. Could things be worse, sure they could, i have a roof over my head, its not mine, but its a roof.

 I guess, that i want to be a writer, weather it be a screenplay or novel, i like the idea of writing for a living, not that this blog is anything to go by, its not very interesting or eloquent it just is.

 My problem with writing is, that i’m not very consistent, i have good days and bad day, sometimes i can write pretty good other times, not so much. This is nothing however to the fact that i’m a very lazy writer. Thats one of the reasons i have this blog, and others. Its to help me get into the habit of writing regularly. Not to mention my terrible typing skills, as i write this i’m constantly having to go back over what i’ve typed to make sure that i haven’t screwed up some where, not spelling or grammar, although they are problems, but mostly my “Quick to hit spacebar thumbs” this usually happens when i type ‘The’ before i get to the ‘E’ i hit spacebar so the ‘E’ is dislocated from ‘The’ and transplanted to the following word. Its irritating but something that i’ve been unable to prevent. For the last few years anyway. But i keep at it, every now and then i go through a writing frenzy, i’ll write a few blogs each day and maybe get a chapter done in my book (A Star Trek Spy Thriller).

 I love reading Robert Ludlum novels, and as i have over 30 script ideas, i’ve thought about writing them up as novels rather then as screenplays, not sure why i guess i like the idea of being Published more then the idea of selling a script. But then, why can’t i do both.

 Another thing i do is spend far to much watching television and using the internet, Social Networks will make most humans lazy “fucktards”, spending all their free time online, using Facebook or Twitter or Youtube or Dailybooth to communicate with others, mostly people they’ve never met. I should know, i’ve been doing it for nearly 3 years, and its honestly done nothing but take up time.

 To be a writer, i need to watch less TV and use Social Networks less. I sometimes sit at my Mac refreshing my web browser over and over again, and at the same time i have the TV on. All thats missing is the microwaved TV dinner. Yup, my life is a dream most men desire.

 I need to change.

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