It rained, i filmed it. 750 Words Friday, 19 August 2011.

It rained, i have proof.

So its raining today, big time, lots of rain. I’m surprised with the amount of rain we get here in good old blighty that we have any left for clouds. We do seem to have an over abundance of sky water here, and yet hoes pipe bans??? WTF dude seriously.

So I wanted to go out tonight and film a few clips for a short film, but as its raining I might not be able to, bummer I know, but thems the brakes living in a country thats rains during the summer months.

Outside my window or should I say just above it that gutter does weird things, we had it changed with a shiny new one but still, the rain water from the roof seems to flood at the same point, weather its the sheer amount of rain water coming off the roof at that point which then forces the gutter to bulge out or weather its just my dumb luck I don’t know but I filmed that water, and some other clips from outside my winder, figured I could throw that together into something and throw it up on Vimeo later, or tomorrow. I just wanted to play with the focus really, nothing to spectacular, just in and out, hoping it fits in the edit, I also ramped up the shutter speed from my usual 25th of a second to 1000th of a second and later 2500 of a second, that way the rain drops aren’t elongated but in stead single droplets of water, almost spherical.

Anyway I’ll capture all that then edit something for you, if it does stop raining, I still might pop out later and get the clips I wanted to get, at least that way I can begin editing something for that short, the rest will be a little more complicated, I scripts pans and tilts which I can’t do in front of the camera, so I guess I’ll just have to stick to the static angles and jump cuts. I think I can make it work.

One other thing, I’m can’t remember how my Sony HDV camera looks in low light, as thats what the scenes call for, so with that I might just thrown on some light and adjust the camera a little then darken more in past, with maybe some filters. Shame I can’t do exactly what I want to do, but like I said, thems the brakes.

Also I’ve been reading a little red book called ‘The Guerilla Film Makers Pocket’ the ultimate guide to digital film making. Well will see about that, won’t we. Its basically a book of case studies about people who have actually made short films and feature films, told from their point of view from their experiences, so far its good, and I think its the 5th in the series, lets see, ‘The Guerilla Film Makers’ ‘Handbook’ ‘Blueprint’ ‘Hollywood Handbook’ ‘Documentary Handbook’ and ‘Pocket book’ so yea, 5th. I have all but the documentary handbook, I didn’t bother getting that one because I doubt I’ll ever make a documentary….. Okay I’ll get that one too, soon, I promise.

Anyone else hungry, I have either Chicken Tika with Pilau Rice, Steak and Rice, Steak and Chips, Salad, Jacket Potatoes. Wait, hang on, what about Jacket Potato with Steak and Rice, with a side Salad?

Later, right now I need to finish this off, then I can make food, and watch a little TV then right back here to write more treatments and or scripts. And much later I’ll capture that footage I shot and get it ready for editing, that mean stack the clips and de-interlace them, and if its not raining later, around 1 or 2 am I’ll shoot the clips I wanted to shoot before it started to rain. Yes, a good days work, I like this working from home lark, I can just keep going all night if I feel the need to. But I really should set some kind of a schedule, like get out of bed at X o’clock, start writing by X o’clock. And remember to eat, because I tend to forget that part of most days when I’m into something, does anyone else get that, you so involved in what your doing that you completely forget to eat anything and then by dinner, once you realize that you need to eat your starving. I get that, I find it hard to get focused on something, but once I’m in there my focus is like a laser beam, and nothing outside of what I’m doing is going to stop me until I’m done, I’ll even hold off going to the toilet until I’m done or about to crap my pants.

But as I haven’t started any writing yet, besides this which is almost done, I’ll have dinner now or I’ll never eat. So with that I say, DINNER TIME.

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