More film stuff, again. 750 Words Sunday, 21 August 2011.

I shaved

So, today (Saturday) I write these a day early. And if you just asked why, I just do okay, deal with it. So today I looked at an outline for a short film and I thought I might need to cut it down and simplify it a bit. As it turns out I didn’t.

So I did what I’ve been doing all week, I turn on iTunes and clicked on the Classic Rock playlist where I have housed my Led Zeppelin and recently purchased Deep Purple albums, grants I only have one Deep Purple album and a best of Led Zeppelin album, I hit play and started to write the screenplay. Of course making sure shuffle was selected. And so I write.

Every now and then I would just save my work and get up, go down stairs and make a cup of tea, and as my sister, on her weekend visits, brought her two pups down as well, so I would sit down stairs and play with them a little for a bit. I guess to waste time or think about where the script was and where it was going.

It was around that time I remembered that I have another best of album in iTunes, ‘The Who’, so once back up stairs I threw that double album into the classic rock playlist making 83 tracks of mid 60’s to early 70’s classic rock. Its a good playlist.

Having a new set of music added to the magical mojo playlist, I started up writing again, and every now and then I would take a break pop down stairs and play with the pups and make a new cuppa tea. Go back up stairs and write some more. I did this routine a few more time. Maybe 6 times in all.

And after 4 hours of classic rock I had finished the short film script, 12 pages of it. Ok its not “finished” its in a rough draft, need a little bit of work, but I think it’ll be fine.

I can’t remember a time when I wrote for so long and kept the quality of writing up the whole time, like the rest of this week, I think it’s been the breaks, I’ve usually just gotten my head down and typed until I couldn’t type anymore and I’ve always noticed a significant drop in quality which has alway meant that I’d have to go back and retype it, always a pain to do. So my mantra for writing is now to break often, get a cuppa tea and where possible, play with puppies. I’m so confident I think I could take that script out now and shoot it with out much trouble. But I won’t. Or can’t. Yet.

So now I’m at 8 scripts in a week, I started last Sunday and since then I’ve written something every day, weather it be a treatment an outline or the script I’ve written something and that is key to everything. Even if its just this 750 exercise, its something written, keeps the skills sharp so to speak/type.

I just took a comedy break, I have Comedy Central on the tele and it was distracting me, but instead of turning it off I figured I’d just watch it.

I now have a total of 15 ideas for short films, some I might not be able to do, or even get them to work, but I’ll just move forward, I added another idea today, its a VFX video rathe rather then a short film, but lets face it, if you can’t have fun doing this then why bother doing it. So I would like to make a few video that are just for shits and giggles, no story or plot just visual effects on a grand scope, and a little ridicules. I think only making short films with a message or for recognition would get tiresome after awhile, so taking a break to make something silly and fun is needed for someone like me, if I can’t have fun with it then I don’t want to do it.

Something else I realised today, and that is that when I watch videos and films on Vimeo I get inspired, even if its a video on BMX bikes or skateboards I still feel the need to shot something that likes that good. Vimeo for me equals inspiration. And Youtube, not so much, I watch videos on Youtube, made by the tier 1 tubers and all I feel is sick, all those resources and nothing to show for it, I doesn’t inspire me at all. And as there are people on Youtube uploading great content, but not getting the recognition they deserve because the tier 1’s always do the same thing, and that is, at the end of their uninspired poorly presented badly acted diarrhea ridden dialogued videos, they do a ‘talk to camera’ section where they say how happy they are that you watched their utterly putrid pile of insect infested bile they also ask you, or their “fans” to like, favorite and comment “and lets see if we can get this video to the featured section”, I mean they have enough viewers that that will most likely happen anyway, it might take a day longer, but it will happen eventually. The way I see it, there are videos out there that deserve to be on the featured page far more then their dog vomit, but because they ask you to do all that crap their video might and I’m guessing does, push the better videos out of sight, so they never get seen. That is criminal. But I guess we can all live in the hope that at some point the tier 1 tubers will slowly disappear from the front pages allowing new, more inspiring video to shine through the mist of youtuber bullshit. My message to them, you’re already the most popular people on youtube, mostly because you were there in the beginning, so if you see a video on youtube from someone not very popular, and you love the video or the film, tell people, promote that video, give these people the opportunity to shine. Or maybe the reason you guys don’t do that, is because you don’t want better people with better material pushing you off the front page. You game the system because your in a position to, and to those that aren’t, I guess its tough shit. You say that you youtubers are all one big family, so act like it, or is it that the younger or better looking or better film makers in your extended family are basically the competition in a race, a marathon where they might be fitter then you and be able to run faster and longer then you, but don’t have mopeds like you.

Congratulations, your stunting the content on your beloved Youtube to shit contrived fart jokes, making sure to keep your videos short enough so not to exceed the attention span of your prepubescent viewers.

The last two paragraphs were for the tier 1 youtubers, the people you see on the features and front pages of youtube every fucking day. And no, I’m not a hater or a troll, I’m a fucking realist.

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