Blah blah blah. 750 Words Thursday, 25 August 2011.

Aliens are attacking

Okay so today started off pretty good. Go a tax rebate, only 30 quid but I can’t complain and I found a tenner in my jeans. A Scottish tenner but a tenner none the less. Odd, that I haven’t been to Scotland since last year. Which mean its been there for a year. I made 40 quid today yayy and i should be getting my JSA check tomorrow. Yayy again.

So now that I have a few quid I’m happy again. Not sure why though as I have nothing to buy so having the money doesn’t actually do anything for me right now, I should really save it, as I’m usually skint right before my next JSA check comes in.


Quid = Pounds. Like Bucks is to Dollars


I took that tax rebate check to the bank and deposited it and picked up a crossword puzzle book for my Day, he’s not well and likes to keep the grey matter exercised. After that I’ve pretty much just read a book all day ‘The Guerilla Film Makers Pocket Book’  its amazing how much you can learn by reading interviews with industry professionals who also work for free (Sometimes) on micro/no budget films. Its good to know that you can get these people for little or nothing or even talk to them for help, nice bunch of people.

I wonder if the diet coke is cold yet? Hasn’t been in the fridge long.

So, not much else going on so I’ll just lie.

Anyway after a few chapters of this I felt the ground shake, and seeing as there was a recent Earthquake felt in New York and Washington DC I wondered if we too had had an earthquake, And as I’ve never actually been somewhere thats had an earthquake I have no idea what one actually feels like. But a few moments later there was another, and another, and they all felt the same, I soon realized that it wasn’t an earthquake but more like an impact. I stopped what I was doing and went down stairs then out the front door as I did the road before me was torn apart by some kind of energy blast and as I looked up into the sky I saw it, a giant mechanized machine.

So I read a book all day.

And now I’m getting a little tired. Fighting off aliens take it out of you. Okay that didn’t happen. If it did I think Twitter would explode.

I then watched a bunch of videos on the more inspirational (Then Youtube) Vimeo, some good stuff, skateboards and BMX bikes “tearing” it up in some “Sick” moves. I try to sound cool but I always fail. Oh well. Some good stuff from Kessler Cranes, Astro-Photography, again awesome. I like Vimeo. I know that I’d most likely be able to find these Vimeo videos on Youtube, but I never see Youtube as a place to post seriously art, films, or animations but on Vimeo it just seem perfect. Most of the stuff I watch on there is extremely well shot, edited, filtered and produced. Youtube is more like “Just get the shot it’ll be fine. (Sometime later) oh shit” I’ve even been told not to put showreels on Youtube because pros in the film industry don’t want to hear “Go to Youtube to see my showreel” Thats not to say they want to see a showreel on Vimeo either. I would on Vimeo but I wouldn’t tell people to go there to see it, I’d burn of a few DVD’s but having it online is good for easy quick access and it helps if someone is checking you out and comes across it. But don’t tell them to go there and not to youtube, as its just a video sharing website filled with trolls, dicks and copyrighted material. Vimeo is a film makers website and more appropriate for your showreel and I con’t imagine your showreel will exceed 500mb so its also free. If your on Shooting People ( which is a film makers database UK and the US so having it there is also a good idea, if your looking for cast and crew it lets people check you out before wanting to work with you, also, if other want to work with you you can check them out. All is good. But there is a yearly fee to join and unlike Vimeo you can’t upload anything without it. Shame, its a cool site. As when I was a member there I was able to get a discount on Final Draft 7. And Movie Maker magazine and MovieScope magazine. It was because of Shooting People that one of my own shorts (Do Not Bend) was screened in a small theater in Covent Garden, London. Great experience by the way.

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