Living in a fantasy Land. 750 Words Friday, 26 August 2011

I Haz Camera

My opinion on the more, for lack of a better word, Popular Youtubers, and what they are doing wrong.

Reading an interview with an Editor in _’The Guerilla Film Makers Pocketbook’_ and i came across a paragraph which i think is something that all Youtubers need to read and listen to, I see so many bad videos (Not films) being put on Youtube and most of them have the same problems, the most important are story and characters. But another fundamental problem is this, they live in a fantasy land;

Page 170 Paragraph 5.

_”Editorial mistakes that i see often are that films are too long. They haven’t screened the film enough times, or only screened to people who have an emotional connection to the project or the director, so they will never give honest feedback on whats is and what isn’t working. The Director will be living in a fantasy world where they think that their film is better than it actually is”_


I see this so often on Youtube, especially the Tier 1 tubers. Sure its only Youtube and it really doesn’t matter in the grand scheme of things, but these guys put so much time and effort into making something that they truly believe is great. But if you try to tell these people what you think is wrong with the video, you get branded a hater and they fail to recognise what you were trying to say. Sure they get tons of hater comments, but haters and trolls never usually give specifics of what is wrong, they just say it was shit, they never mention things like pace, bad edits or poor dialogue and delivery, so any helpful feedback is ignored.

They have the technology, the Canon 5D’s or 7D’s. The have all the peripherals for their cameras, viewfinders or monitors, shoulder mounts and such, they edit on Mac Pros using Final Cut Pro 7 or X. They have great equipment and they have the resources they need to make videos (Not Films) but they all lack a basic understanding of good story telling, dialogue that flows and the basic editing needs of any project.

The ones that don’t seem to have this problem are those that have actually worked, in some capacity, in the industry. Like Cory Williams (Mr Safety) and Freddie Wong (FreddieW) but the rest, i guess as they all help each other and preview each others work they can’t or won’t tell themselves what doesn’t work, maybe through the fear of straining a friendship. But all this means is, they don’t learn to make better videos (Not Films), they move forward under the impression that their last video was brilliant. They never learn form their past mistakes because they don’t seem to understand when they make them, because no one is telling them or they can’t hear them over the haters and trolls. And so they continue to make the same mistakes over and over.

And at some point their work, which they hold so dear, will become stagnant and repetitive. If it hasn’t already. Personally i would love to help these people make better videos (Not Films) and i try to, but i’m always branded a hater when i do.

So thats it, I finally had something worth, well I thought it was worth it, only hope some of them get to read it and understand it, I mean actually understand it. I’m not sitting here typing out hater comments because I think they make shit and post it on Youtube, I would seriously love to help these people, I really would. But they would have to accept what I say was feedback and not hate, if I say that I scene ran to long or the dialogue wasn’t very good and that it felt forced then then so be it, they can then choose to listen to me or ignore me, either way I’m giving them something to think about and hopefully they will make sure that next time they recognize something early on and fix it. Everyone on Youtube can edit these days, but that doesn’t make them good editors, everyone on youtube and make a video with a narrative, but that doesn’t make them good film makers, anyone can tell a story, but that doesn’t make them good story tellers. If you can’t recognize your mistakes, you can help yourself to learn and become better at what it is you are doing. You’ll just continue to make the same mistakes.

Oh and before you chatter on about me thinking I know everything, I’ll let you guys in on a secret that every professional film maker already knows. No one knows everything about film making. No One. Some know more then others, but no one knows everything.

Let me give an example or this default hater thing. I watched a video on Vimeo yesterday, its basically a skateboard video, pretty good skillz actually. The guy who edited the video added a song, I forget which, but he kept cutting from the HD skateboard footage to VGA quality music video footage which looked like it was pulled from Youtube. And I honestly thought that it ruined the video, the feel was just gone every time it happened. Now this editor had only posted the one video so was most likely just posting it everywhere he could for free. I mentioned, just like a few others, that the music video footage is a bad idea. And we were all branded haters. Haters for giving actually feedback, I even said that I liked the video and if it wasn’t from the music video clips it would have been better, but no, I’m a hater because I didn’t like it out right.

It used to be that a hater was someone who simply hated on stuff because they could. But now-a-days even giving out feedback that is not conducive with someone else’s view is hater’ish. First the internet gave everyone a voice. Then the haters used that voice to tell people that what they were doing was shit. Now trying to give helpful feedback is hater’ish.

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