Apple TV sync sucks. 750 Words Wednesday, 31 August 2011.

Sometimes i hate you

Not sure where to start here, I was going to write up a Post production blog but its a little late so I just want to get to 750 as quickly as I can then get on to other less important but necessary things. Which I hate doing and could make doing it easier but don’t.

 So yesterday I wanted to sync up the latest iTunes download to my Apple TV, so I turned it on and waited for the Apple TV icon to appear in iTunes. Once it did I clicked on it and as usual I check the storage, 435GB out of 928GB, good, I selected the episode I wanted to sync the clicked sync. 

 Once it was done syncing I noticed that the storage had changed, it was now somewhere around the 34GB make. Somehow I’d lost 400GB of material on my Apple TV, I checked that everything was still selected and they were. Odd, but iTunes and my Apple TV have done this before, I now have to re-sync everything again, not fun, as my WiFi also hates Apple TV, if I select everything to sync up over night my internet basically cuts off and resets, stopping the sync this happens pretty fucking quickly so not much is synced.

 So today I plugged the Apple TV into the hub via Ethernet and things were better, I could sync much more in one go, but still only 8 TV shows at a time, and even then my entire internet bandwidth is fucked and I can barely use my web browser, even posting tweets is an issue. I mean its only a max of 140 characters, its file size is in the kilobytes and yet it won’t upload, kinda shocking really, that Apple TV can use up so much bandwidth leaving nothing else.

 Gotta wonder if the newer Apple TV is any better. My internet connect with ATV’s has been shit so streaming to it is never really an option, I hate it when a TV show stops after 30 minutes because the connection was lost, I then have to wait for it to re-establish itself and navigate to the point it stopped then continue. This is no way to watch TV or Movies. So I hacked my ATV (The only tech I’ve ever hacked) only so I could add an external drive, I 1 terabyte external drive.


You also have to wonder why Apple didn’t make there own external drive for it, I mean I don’t wan tot leave my computer running 24 hours a day or have to turn on my computer just to watch movies and TV shows through my ATV. Apple dropped the ball here. Well thats my opinion anyway, give us the interface i.e. the ATV with a nice internal drive or in the newer one, nothing, but at least give us the option to add external drives to it without having to hack it. I don’t want to stream my media over an internet connect thats as unreliable as mine is, its annoying to the point of never using again because its useless, if I do buy a new one I’ll be hacking it and adding the external drive because thats what I want. Oh and Airplay, yeah, not to interested in that either, mostly as I only know one other person who has an Apple TV so unless people are in my bedroom theres no point. And if I want to watch a video on my iPhone I’ll just watch it on my iPhone. For me ATV is simply for my TV shows and Movies nothing else, I have music on it but don’t listen to music on my Apple TV.

 And who’s to say that my syncing problem (Above) won’t happen with the new ATV.

 Anyway, I’ve been reading the ‘Guerilla Film Making Pocketbook’ again this time about film festival and marketing. Its interesting how much I already knew but didn’t know that I knew or ignored myself or something like that. Using Social Media and forums specialist websites and such, being able to provide people with all the information they need about the project. I’ll be pulling out my ‘Guerilla Film Makers Blue Print’ book after and going through that too. More to cross reference what I believe with what other have actually done. I know its most likely going to be a little different for me on some level but its nice to have a foundation to build on. And I like reading this stuff, so there ;P

 So I reached my 750. Bye.

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