Well, whats been happening..?

I haven’t written a blog here since November 6th, mostly due to my utter laziness but also i stopped writing my 750 words a day thing, it got tired and bored and if anything gets tired and bored you should just stop doing it, i’ve quit jobs for the same reason, is that something that creative people get, and yes i count myself a creative person, i might not produce much by way of material but i have many ideas floating around inside my head that i can’t or at least find it hard to concentrate on one thing at a time. Do creative people get bored faster with the mundane, is doing a “normal” job not enough for us, do we need to express ourselves in order to maintain some level of sanity, fearing that doing the tired and boring day in day out might send us to the luny bin?

Like right now i’m wondering why i can’t change the font of this blog.

Okay that’s more of a distraction then an over active imagination, but i get that too. My head is filled with, what i think are great ideas, and i have to think weather each idea is going to be a script – short or feature, a story – short or novel and then i need to get some notes down because my memory isn’t great and i don’t want to forget such an great new idea.

Right now i’m still working on a short film script, which i’m pretty happy with in its current state, it’s called “Woman in White” and should run for about 15 minutes. I’m also working on a thriller Novel. And i have an new idea germinating in my mind, it’s a Sci-Fi fantasy adventure which could be a series of books rather then a stand alone, the book i’m working on now is also a series, a three part series to be exact.

What i find hard, not so much with short stories and short film scripts, is accepting what i’ve written as poor, knowing that i’ll get to the rewrites soon enough. I’m constantly being told that i should just get the first, shitty, draft of of my head, then worry about spelling and grammar and then fix everything else. But i can’t, if i read back to myself what i’ve already written and i find it poor, i have to rewrite it there and then, or i can’t concentrate on the rest of the story. As it stands right now i’ve written five chapters of my book, i’ve rewritten chapter two twice and i’m rewriting chapter one for the third time, albeit a much better chapter for it. I’m actually happy with how this is going so far, then once that is done, i move on to chapter two, then three etc etc…

I’m also aware that if at some point in the future i read chapter one and still think it’s shit, i’ll just sit back down again and rewrite it, weather i’ve finished the book or not, i could be on chapter twenty-seven, i’ll stop and start rewriting chapter one again. I guess i have this pathological need to write something good, weather other people read it or not.

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