All quiet on the job front…

So, at the end of November i finally got myself back in to gainful employment, but sadly it was Security, but then again, beggars can’t be choosers. It was a decent building with a decent crew in a relatively decent location, one bus ride and a bit of a walk.

The place was The Renaissance St Pancras Hotel, and my job was basically a door man, outside the Booking Office restaurant, which had an outside seating area, that happened to be on the St Pancras platform, so kinda inside and out of the wind, but exposed to the cold, it wasn’t so bad really, standing up for 12 hours was however and my right foot is still a little numb, from nearly a month ago.

I’m still not exactly sure why i was “fired” i think it has something to do with the video i made saying how much i liked the place and how grateful i was about finally having a job, i mentioned the name of the place and i think that’s why, bullocks really. As i had to take the video down, well i didn’t have to i was asked to, and i didn’t keep a copy i can’t re-watch it to see if there is something in there that might be offensive or wrong in some other way, but i really can’t remember, i’m pretty sure i just said that i liked the place, i wouldn’t bad mouth a company i just started working for and post a video online, not knowing that big companies like to google themselves.

Hello if your reading this.

I was told that the hotel didn’t want me back, and then later on told that the directors of the security company didn’t want me on their books either. Ironically that same morning i had made a trip to the job centre to sign off, to tell them that after 14 months of unemployment i had finally started work again, i was so very happy to do that. Then of course later that day i’m sacked.

We hear stories about companies wanting peoples user names and passwords to their social networks, so they can scan them for messages that might contain some kind of bad mouthing. We should also know that companies google themselves and look for similar posts, blogs, vlogs, videos or whatever, they say to find out what people are saying about them, in the case of the hotel, good or bad reviews from people who’ve stayed there, and as what happened to me, look for employees saying things, good or bad. If you say something they don’t like, it could affect your job status, you might be suspended pending a review, you might just get a slap on the wrist, or you might get sacked for gross misconduct. Because you expressed an opinion openly.

Are we really at a stage where you can’t express yourself openly, can’t i write a blog about an asshole, un-named, without having my day shift taken away and given to the bosses mate, yes that also happened to me.

If this has taught me anything it’s that you can’t express yourself openly if you care about having a job, sure i’m happy to deal with what i do, take responsibility for what i say, but if i can’t write a blog saying that i work with an asshole, un-named, or post a vlog to youtube saying how much grateful i am at having a new job, then personally i don’t what to work with you. Fact is, like it or not, i’m a blogger and a vlogger and i blog and vlog about thing that matter to me.

This has also taught me that i might need to work for myself.

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