Twice a week…

I’m going to try to build some consistency here, by blogging twice a week. Every Monday and Thursday, at least.

Now i’m going to try to keep the bitching and moaning about work to a minimum, but don’t expect to loose all of that altogether, sometimes it just beats me over the head with a frying pan and i can’t help but yield to it.

Something that irritated me today for instance, on my way to work i thought up a great blog. I even dictated it to myself (That means i was talking to myself in public), it all sounded great until i realised that i’ll never remember any of it when i get home and start up my computer so i could type it up. Then i realised that i could use the ‘Memo’ app on my iphone to dictate to myself, i’d look less crazy in public and i’d be able to remember shit that i say to myself.

So i guess to the point of this particular blog. This blog will be used for documenting my writing. I’ve said to a lot of people that i’m an ‘aspiring writer’, which basically means i’m not a writer at all, i just want to be. I aspirer to write. So once i start writing (which i’ve already done) i’m no longer aspiring to be a writer, i am a writer. So i need to change my aspiration. I aspirer to be a better writer, to be a published author, to use more of my free time to write instead of using excuses to blow it off “I only get 4 hours, 5 if i’m lucky, after work before i need to go to sleep”, I could easily spend a hour or two writing shit out, anything really so long as it’s a) writing and b) about the novel i’m working on. This Blog is included of course, i need to spend far more time writing and to spend all that time working on one WIP (Work in Progress).

The reason why i want consistency is that it’ll make building an audience easier, and once i finally get a book finished i’ll have people to tell. And maybe use as proof readers, maybe.

Why is it that i know that my dictation earlier was far better then this write up, i hate that shit dude. It’s kind of annoying knowing that i can do this better. And did do this better. If i could only remember what i was talking about, than i know i could repeat it, or get pretty close anyway.

I’m not going to talk about the actual book, although i might drop hints every now and then if needs must. No this blog will document the process i take, weather it works of not, if i screw up if i get stuck all the bullshit i go through trying to complete my first book. This is not a ‘How to’ or an ‘Advice’ blog. You want advice go to (Chuck Wendig is great). But mostly it’s neither of those things because i have none of either, i have no idea how to do this, i’m just winging it, forging ahead into uncharted seas, kicking the Rhino in the balls to see what happens. (You may of noticed that this blog has a little Wendig influence). If i make mistakes, i’ll deal with it, and tell you about it.

Time to go.

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