Tap here to type.

So I’m sitting laying here typing this out on my iPhone. The wonder of modern life. I haven’t even got to turn on my iMac to post a blog. But you already know this stuff, right?

As promised though, a blog post on Monday, not that I have much of anything to say, well nothing that might interest you anyway. Work is still annoying in the extreme.

But today I did finish reading Chuck Wendig’s ‘Confessions of a freelance penmonkey’ which has more hints tips and insights then most other books I’ve read that are suppose to dish out advice on how to write. Most go on about the industry standard way, but Wendig talks of how he did it. Sure it’s not for every one but hey, it’s just a fucking guide numbnuts, not a stone tablet dictated by the invisible man. So of you read it and you think it’s all bullshit, than guess what?, it probably is, for you.

This book is no different than of Wendig sat you down and ‘shot the shit’ with you about his experiences, he just put it in an eBook so he wouldn’t have to, ’cause he hates you, all of you.
Not really, he seems like, a lovely bloke.

One thing the book didn’t fail to do for me was to reiterate why I want to write, just reading made me want to write. And if a book that dishes out tips on writing can get you to write simply by reading it, than guess what, Chuck did his job, he got you writing. You see, there in lies the magic of the Penmonkey. Hell he made me want to write two blogs a week. This being one of them.

But as I’m typing this out on my iPhone it might have some catasophic spelling and grammatical errors. Which I’ll fix some other time. Or not.

Today I also started to read Wendig’s other Penmonkey book, ‘Revenge of the Penmonkey’, which starts out with an introduction. And in said intro I discovered that we have something in common, both our fathers died of cancer, my Dad died of Liver and Lung cancer which just seemed to get more aggressive, until he end, he died a shadow of his former self. And like his (Wendig) father my Dad died in his retirement, he was 4 or 5 years in. But there is one fundamental difference between us, I didn’t and still haven’t felt the impact of his death. He died 7 months ago. And I feel on different now then I did then.

I’ve blogged on this before, so I wont bother going into it again.

And so I write and write and write.

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