This shit is new.

So last night i upgraded to a pro account. Which afforded me a few things, one of which is a domain name so i at least now look a little more professional, and you can all start taking me a little more seriously. What? i had to try didn’t i?

So now i have to learn how to actually use this thing, any tips would be cool, i need to turn this into a workable website. One that looks profession and not like, well a wordpress blog.

Anyway, you may be asking “Why HeadTripChronicles?” and i’d like to say that it’s a title that holds a deep and penetrating meaning for me, but seriously, it’s random. Very, very random. I was trying to come up with a weird name for a blog over on Blogger, nearly a year ago now [5th April 2011], and so i started to search my dim witted brain for something that would work. And frankly my brain failed me. But just to my right i had a stake of books, on top was ‘The Fry Chronicles‘ by Stephen Fry, a rather telling autobiography, from his early years to his late twenties just as his TV career was taking off. Another book was ‘Head Trip‘ by Jeff Warren, (from the sleeve) ‘Head Trip: Adventures on the wheel of Consciousness is an entrancing taxonomy of waking, sleeping and dreaming states of consciousness‘. A book i’d bought because i just then discovered that i might have Sleep Paralysis (Hypnopompic Paralysis) I write a short film script based on a Hypnopompic Hallucination called ‘Woman in White‘.

Anyway i took the two books, Head Trip from one and Chronicles from the other and that’s how i got the name. At first it was just supposed to be about my weird mental musings. Weird shit that i had been thinking about, vomited up for your reading pleasure. Or not. But the name stuck for me and i just started blogging about everything else. I like the name and that’s why i’m using it here. Plus i was getting kind of sick of using my name or a variation of it (Jason Fisk/Fiskyjay) plus, Head Trip Chronicles just sounds good, weird and mildly entertaining, right?

So, why upgrade now? Well last night, after midnight, i got paid, finally after 6 weeks of work i got paid for the first 3 weeks. The last 4 weeks i get on April 1st. Don’t ask because i can’t be bothered to explain to finer points of payroll. Yeah i like i actually now what the finer points of payroll are, shit, my Mum’s used to be a payroll manager and it confused her too. In my case the apple didn’t just fall far form the tree, it rolled down the hill fill in to a stream got carried several dozen miles away that fell over a water fall and into a river and is now far out to sea, and the tree i fell from is no longer in sight. Numbers are not my strongest area.

Where the fuck was i? Anyone else want some apple pie?

Right, i got paid. So i bought the upgrade and then headed over to Amazon where i took a long hard look at my ‘basket‘, i moved a few things form the ‘Save for Later’ section, films like Drive, Ticker Tailor Soldier Spy, Takeshis, and Outrage (The last two are Takeshi (Beat) Kitano films). And books, lots of books, The ninth Jason Bourne book (written by Eric Von Lustbader) The Hunger Games trilogy and George R R Martin’s series ‘A Song of Ice and Fire’ Books 1, 2, 3.1, 3.2, and 4.

I’m actually running out of space for my books. And no i’m not going to sell them, EVER! They are my preciouses and i will protect them like they are my own precious “Filthy Hobbitses” i love them so, even the ones i haven’t read yet. I do have a Kindle, and i’m well aware that digital books will become the norm, that’s not to say that i think actual books, the physical book, that thing you hold and fold and ruin the spine “NOOO DON’T RUIN MY SPINES” i hate when people do that to my books. I think books will always be around, you may disagree, and if you do, well you’re wrong, deal with it you book burning Nazi. No not really. But seriously you really should stop burning those books.

Shit again i’ve lost my train of thought………………….. Oh look…. shiny…………………….

I guess what i’m saying is, i have a Kindle and it can store up to 1400 books, which is a damn sight more then i own, and all i’d need is a place to put it, rather then a library to hold all those books. I love my Kindle, it helps the commute (I hate commuting) but i love real, proper books even more. I think that they are important, sure a Kindle eBook can impart the same knowledge, but with high res pictures and videos and web links and wikipedia, dictionaries and other such functions. But i still prefer books.

Of course my mind may change. And as a writer i reserve the right to do so as often as i please.

So i’ll end this blog with a run down of my day. It was a good one. I got paid, i upgraded my blog. Work was uneventful but not to boring. I was able to buy two new note books for work, along with a bottle of diet coke, What? don’t judge me, i prefer the taste. And i  continue to read Chuck Wendig’s ‘Revenge of the Penmonkey‘. Find him here: terribleminds

So have a video of me doing nothing for 5 minutes;

Shot because i couldn’t get the idea out of my head.

This is a real time video and not a still picture frame. Yes i stood still in my garden for over 5 minutes.

Mongol Soundtrack – Beginning (Track 1 on the Soundtrack) by Altan Urag.

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