Slowly Pushing It In Until I Feel My Eye Pop.

Yesterday over on Google+ i made post about a pretentious watch barer [Here]. And a comment by +Damian Hoskin made me think about turning my experiences in Security into a film. Or some other narrative. How could you possibly contain your excitement for that one? Then this morning i remembered a film idea i had years ago, called “Silhouette” [working title].

It’s a story of a man who is bored of this usual mundane existence and decides to make a major life change. He views everything about his life, his girlfriend, his friends, his job, as dull, repetitive, and lifeless. So one day without giving it much thought, he leaves everything behind. Heads over to the continent and — shit happens.

No, no not really, stuff happens i just don’t want to post about that until i actually have something on paper.

Another old idea was about a security guard who snaps. Something that i find easy to believe. His job is so far beyond boring that he needs to find or make excitement. And so while he’s not working, he is out….. — I don’t want to tell you what he does in his off hours. That would be giving the game away.

I will say that the first example is a drama about enjoying life and not letting it stagnate, about escaping from people who bring you down and finding people who enrich your life. The second example is a thriller/horror, you can guess from that where it goes i guess. Shit….. oh well, sure it’s fiction and it’s embellished a little, but i can see how something like this could happen. Security companies expect you to hand over you life to the work, of course i’d take this to the extreme. And a third example would be a dark/black comedy of sorts, using more of the stories i have locked away in my security file [in my brain]. But even then, a comedy won’t work unless there is a conflict of some kind, some kind of sadness that the audience and relate to.

I could go in lots of directions with this sort of thing, filling in the blanks with memories of what could possibly be the second most boring job on Earth. Second only to being a sign post. You know, those guys who hold up a sign on Oxford Street telling you that there are Golf Clubs for sale down that road. The road that isn’t so much a road as it is a dark alley. A dark alley that manages to be wet even in the height of an Indian summer, rats the size of large dogs and what looks like a doorway to a public toilet covered in shit. Why is that door covered in shit, because the people dumb enough to venture into that dark alley to buy golf clubs see a door with the word ‘Toilet’ on it and automatically think it’s the toilet. And so they shit on it. Than some guy with golf clubs beats them to a pulp and steals they wallet. Sure that doesn’t sound dull and boring. But think of the poor guy holding up that golf club sign.

And so my feet are really hurting again. Another day of standing up, listing to bad music. Well as music is subjective i guess that’s just my opinion. It’s a correct opinion or assumption or whatever you want to call it. The music is fucking awful. And what’s worse, it repeats the same six tracks over and over and over and over and over and over until i feel the need to push my right index finger, because i’m right handed, duh, into my eye, slowly pushing it in until i feel the pop “pop”. Why, because it’ll feel a damn sight better than having to listen to that fucking pop music again. And to those who’s iPods we use. Please create a playlist with more than SIX FUCKING TRACKS ON IT!

I need a beer to dull the foot pain. Be right back…..

Okay, i’m back….. where was i?

Oh yeah, It’s events and thoughts like that above paragraph that i can fit in to any film i write about a security guard. That old chestnut “Write what you know” [Ah thank you very much] comes in to play here. If i turn back my mind, i’m sure i can come up with enough stories to fill a 90 minute film. So, yeah i have enough to work with.

Right i’m done…

3 Comments on “Slowly Pushing It In Until I Feel My Eye Pop.

  1. I work in retail, too! Not that that’s the most exciting similarity… We have the same twenty or so songs over and over. I don’t know how you deal with six, but I can empathize on the shitty music. Once in a while I discover a gem, but most of it just gets stuck in my head and drives me to drink.

    I’m glad I found you on G+! It’s nice to “meet” you!


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