The Rough With The Smooth.

So Thursday is upon me… oh shit!

I have nothing again, not a damn thing, the space between my ears is empty of anything worth saying. Except maybe work, you know, the usual, how much a hate doing it, how much i hate standing all day, how much i hurt and how badly i’d rather be doing something else. But alas, i don’t want to do that, you know, complain.

So i sit here wondering what to type, what to write, what to vomit out.

I might be awhile……………..

Okay, so i decided to talk about work. But not the bad. I want to mention the good things.

First, and most important, i get paid. Every month, right now anyway, i get a pay check. So i only earn a quid over minimum wage, but money is money, and money can pay for things. Like books, DVD’s and Blu-Ray’s.

Second, I read more now. Tis true. This is how it works. My bus ride to work is around 70 to 80 minutes, depending on traffic. I get two 30 minute breaks. And it takes around 50 minutes on the bus ride home. And i spend nearly every minute of that time reading. Jobs bliss the Kindle. As soon as i sit in that bus seat or that plastic chair at work i start to read. Kindle on, bottle of diet coke unscrewed. read read read. And i don’t stop until i’m a minute away from going back to work, or moments away from getting off the bus. It’s become a habit. I used to hate reading on the bus. It hurt my eyes. Now though, i need to read on the bus or i get bored. The Kindle just means i don’t ruin my books.


Having said that, so far this week i’ve wanted to punch out two wankers. We are a high fashion store, so we get a lot of rich folk who seem to look down on those of us who actually have to work for a living. They want privilege. To be treated differently. To get what they want. They will then shout and scream at the staff, not me though, if they did shout at me, i wouldn’t have a job, they shout at the staff and then have the balls to say that the staff were rude. I could do so many horrible things to people like that, and i mean Hannibal Lector horrible. ANd you know what, if i got caught, it would be worth it. Because with them died, the world would be a better place.

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