I Got A Call Today…

A month ago I sent a CV to Halfords, I called them asking if they had any job vacancies as a bike mechanic in their Bikehut, i was told that they might be looking for someone to work as a bike mechanic “pretty soon”, This is a job i know i’d love and i know i can do very well.

Well, today I got a call from Halfords. I saw the Halfords logo appear on my phone, i’d set it to their phone number, and I thought “Yes, I’m outta here”, but alas, it wasn’t meant to be, they are looking for someone to work in their Bikehut but it’s only 7 hours a week. Of course I can’t take that, it just isn’t enough hours to earn enough money to get by. The job is more for students, to earn a bit of cash. But for me it’s no good. The bloke said he’d keep my CV and if anything more suitable came up he call me again.

This pretty much bummed out my whole day. I was so hoping to be on my way out. I was even thinking about it after, “could I get by on only 7 hours a week?”. Of course not, I couldn’t. But I was thinking about. I hate my job that much. SO much i was considering taking a job that not only paid less per/hour but was 35 hours less a week. I thought about it for hours, thinking that maybe it would lead to more hours or even a part-time or even full-time work. But i couldn’t really take the chance that it won’t, i have bills and debts to pay, i couldn’t take the chance that it could take months or years to get a full-time job.

Thinking that i might get out of security one second and then the next realising that i’m not really did turn my day. I hate my job, that’s no secret, but i make the best of it so i don’t mope around all day dragging my shadow around like a trail of darkness infecting anyone who ventures to close. I started off in a fairly good mood, well, as good as it could be, but after that call i was miserable. I was even asked, serval times, if i was okay, and that i seemed quite.

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