Why Do People Do The Things They Do?

Another one of those ‘Sitting here typing it out‘ blogs.

I have no idea what i’m going to type about, but as i’m watching an episode of ‘Lie To Me‘ i guess i’ll go there. The show is based on the research of a dude named Paul Ekman, who has spent many decades studying facial expression and body language. Of course like most people i didn’t even know this was a thing until i saw the show and got curious, then started looking it up, wondering if it was in fact true, or just some TV show magic. Now, lets not think for one moment that the show is accurate, they make everything more obvious so we the audience can also ‘see’ what’s going on, making us feel like we too can see these micro expression. This is why tons of people who watch the show think they can actually do this in the real life. I so love that show, i even bought some of Ekman’s books, mostly because i wanted to know more (I get these interests, and i feel the need to buy books on that subject) Even though you’re not going to learn how to read faces by simply reading these books, you are going to learn a little about body language, which as a dude who currently works in Security it comes in handy, and yes, i’m wrong for time to time. But it is fun to watch people and try to (cold) read them. You’ll never know if you’re right, but it is kinda fun, plus is helps pass the time.

This also lead to more, Psychology, Behavioural Psychology, and Criminal Psychology. As you can see Psychology is a new interest. And soon, as i get more money, i’ll be buying more books. “Why do people do the things they do?”.

Where this has helped me. Today we had a new girl start, she is the new supervisor in the store, and for the benefit of easy i’ll call her ‘Beth’. Now when i arrived in this morning Beth didn’t say anything, in fact it took her a long time before she even said “Hi”, but when she did, she smiled, and her face was a little scrunched up. I’d seen her smile before, to her new work colleagues, her face was symmetrical, a normal smile fully utilising her ‘reliable muscles’ (muscles in the forehead and around the eyes). Later a smile to her new boss, this time there was a little activity around the eyes, not as much as before, and no activity on the forehead, which i’m guess means that the smile was a polite courtesy, nothing more, like when you laugh at an unfunny joke your boss spits out. But when she smiled to me, her face looked almost contorted, like it was a struggle, totally asymmetrical. This is called a ‘Masking Smile’, using a smile to cover another emotion, but doing that your smile comes out, weird. She wasn’t smiling because she wanted to, or because she wanted to just be polite, she was smiling because she didn’t want me to see how she really felt.

Of course i could be totally wrong. So i guess i’ll be paying a lot more attention to this ‘Beth’ from now on.

4 Comments on “Why Do People Do The Things They Do?

    • Good point……………… I may have to act before she does….. pre-emted her moves….. She is cunning, like a fox.

      I’ll just have to be the Wolf, and eat the fox ;P


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