It’s not about work.

My place of work is filled with assholes.

Well now that that is done, on with the blog. So today I started the think about one of my old stories. Well two of my old stories, first I had to remember all that I had Come up with a few years ago, which due to my associated memory, didn’t take too long, all I have to do is think about the title and it all comes back. So instead of doing my job I just thought about writing a script or two, once I had recalled everything I start the rethink it all, the story and the characters. I love his kind of thing, it’s where everything is for me in my story telling.

I also thought about how I would explain ’Game Of Thrones’ and ’The Hunger Games’ books to a friend of mine, this is again another way of retaining the information i’ve read, as I usually have a shit memory, by revisiting it over and over I retain it better.

So that’s it, I could talk about work, but I don’t wonna.

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