3 Days Off In 4.

For someone who works six out of seven days every week, and has done for the last eleven weeks, a bank holiday weekend is like a holiday. Friday, Sunday and Monday off work and man do i feel relaxed, and totally re-energised. I’ve only a few hours left, before i have to go to bed, which will be the end of this rare thing, but it don’t really have much of a choice, do i?

So, on Friday i did my usual Sunday shit, relaxing and catching up on TV. On Saturday i met up with an old friend. I say old, i’ve know him since i was 16, so when i say old i just mean that i’ve known the guy for a long time. During this time the subject of work came up, nothing really unusual about that, it usual always does. I spoke of my job, and he asked me, “Why are you still doing it” i said that i “don’t really have a choice”. Now, of course i have a choice, you’re are rarely, if ever, in a situation where you only have one choice, or no choice, i could choose not to do that job, which would mean unemployment, and right now to me that isn’t a choice. I’d rather deal with the bullshit, and complain about it to anyone that will listen than be unemployed again. His response to that was “You’re a stronger man than me”, i said it’s got nothing to do with strength, but rather the need to just do it.

I also watched a few more episodes of ‘Game of Thrones’ season 1.

These past few days and been great.

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