Think On Your Feet.

To help past the time at work, i usually think about things i’d rather be doing, but every now and then i think about a story. And because i spend most of my time doing nothing, i get to put a lot of thought into this.

Yesterday i thought about a story of a serial killer. I’ll been watching ‘Criminal Minds’ a lot lately, so expect some TV show lingo.

First i thought that i need to establish the killer, who he is and why he does what he does, the stresser that kicked him off and at some point a reason for him to change his victimology and pathology.

After that i figured i’d need some kind of retired cop, brought back to find the bad guy. But then i thought, ‘Why?”. So i had him work on a case 25 year previous, with a similar victimology and pathology, that killer is tucked up in prison for the rest of his life. At first i thought about having this cop be nice, retired and more than willing to help. But i flipped the coin and went the other way, grouchy, forced out, and with better things to do than hunt down a killer. But he relents and joins the team showing off his floor-less memory, his body might be haggard and on it’s last legs but his mind is perfect.

Okay, now knowing that that the new killer is a near copy cat of another 25 years earlier, i gave the new guy subtle differences to the original. The original killed for sexual gratification, the new guy doesn’t, but he is looking for something. But why? Well, the new guy watched the older guy killer his mother, she was the 8th out of 12 murders. The new killer watched as the old guy got his sexual gratification, not in physical sex, but in the act of killing them. The boy watched and later, he tried to understand why the old guy killed her, hoping to find something, some reason to explain why his mother was killed, but of course he doesn’t get the same gratification and so will never understand. After he has killed his 8th victim, and nothing different has happened, his killing becomes more violent, he goes “off script” and changes his victimology and pathology, knowing that he may never understand why his mother was killed he starts killing at random.

The stresser that started him off. Every year on his mothers birthday he would visit her grave site, this year however, something, has destroyed her grave, a flood, a sink hole etc etc. Now being unable to visit his mother, he does what he feels is the next stage, try to find out why she was killed. The sexual gratification of the older killer was never published in papers or broadcast in the news. In an age (1987) before the internet, this was easy. That detail was covered up to save the families of the victims this sick detail. So no one knew, including the new killer.

The case from 1987 made the career of the cop, and he was put on similar cases, 10 years later and it was all to much, “You put one away, and two more show up. Will it ever end?” Not seeing an end to the sickness of man, he turns to drink, to dull the pain, and the nightmares and the faces of the people he couldn’t save. The drink became something he could no longer do with out. He was pushed to a quiet desk job, but the drinking didn’t stop, he was eventually retired with a full pension ten years ago.

The old victims, like the new guys mother were replacement for some woman, maybe his mother or fiance, either way she abandoned him, and now he sees her everywhere, stalks her and kills her. The new killer is killing women to resemble his mother. And maybe the way to stop him is to fix what started him off, find and rebury his mother.

I went into great personal detail while at work, making up background on all major characters. And i think that at some point i was talking aloud to myself, in the store. Yeah, that happens sometimes.

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