An On A Personal Note.

I’ve been working 6 days a week for the last 13 weeks. I may have complained about this before. And i’ve had enough of only having one day off a week, and spending that one day relaxing because my feet and knees hurt. So, in Thursday i sent a text message to my operations manager;

“Hi, i was wondering if the Sunday guard here at (Work place) wants to cover Mondays too?”

The site i work, which i may have mentioned before, is open seven days a week, i worked Monday to Saturday, I leave my house at 08:10 (‘ish) and don’t usually arrive home until around 20:10 (‘ish) so only having one day off, gets pretty fucking annoying, i’m to tired after work, with only about four hours before i go to bed to get things done, which basically means i get very little if nothing done. D.I.Y. project type of things. The response i got to that message was;

“Do you want 2 days off a week? every week”

And my reply;

“I would like to yes”

His reply;

“Ok no prob Jason and thank you for your hard work”

That last text is kind of the thing you say to someone after they’ve done a good job, right? Like from now on i’m not going to be working hard.

Anyway, i know have two days off a week now, Sundays and Mondays.



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