A New Angle.

I forgot to post yesterday, sorry.

I did post on Sunday but didn’t make it public, it was a little to self-depricating.

I have trouble writing, the act of sitting here typing something out isn’t easy for me to do, there is always something else to do. As much as i want to write and be a writer i can’t do it, i can’t sit here writing, i’m just to lazy. And i mean fucking lazy. So lazy that the thing i want to do and want to be is something that i can’t bring myself to do. I don’t have the focus or the drive to do it. Which kills me, every day.

Yes the self-depricating blog yesterday sounded something like that.

The new angle to this, to novelise a script i wrote a few years back. Okay four years back. I have 113 pages of script to re-write and all the notes and material that i wrote back then. So all the hard work is actually already done. So this should be fairly easy, right?

Now, this is more like, a test. To see if i can actually do it, write a novel. It’s not for publication it’s for me. And yes i know that’s not how you write a novel, for yourself. You write it for everyone to read. Not to sit in a file on your computer for jobs knows how long. But, i really need to know if i can actually do this. If i can’t even write a book based of a script i’ve already written, than it’s unlikely that i could write one from scratch, right?

If i can novelise this script, than that will at least give me some hope. Even if that means i would need to go through a similar process each time i start a project, maybe not script it, but write up a pretty extensive treatment.

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