The Russian Connection Kindle Present.

So today i finally started the novelisation of a script i’d written years ago, back in 2008 i think, but even that was a page one rewrite of a script that wasn’t working. 116 pages of script to now be rewritten, again, into more.

Today i reached 2053 words over five pages, and tomorrow i’ve aim for the same or better, as i’m not working tomorrow. From Tuesday to Saturday however i’ll be working but will try to get at least an hour or two done each night.

The scene i’m writing in set, mostly, in Prague and so, having never been to Prague, Google has been a god send, Maps, Translate, and search have all helped my discover things that i didn’t bother with in the script, but need the detail for in the novel.  Of course i’d much rather just go there and see what i need to see for myself, the sounds and even the smell of the place, the feel of the rain, as it’s raining in the novel. Maybe even stay at the Hotel that’s featured to get a feel for that place. That’s how i’d rather get the details, instead i use Google for as much as it can give me, and i make up the rest. Hey, it’s fiction, i would like it to be as real as possible though, having only the events be fiction but the places be as close as possible to the real thing.

Google needs to invent a Star Trek transporter pad, so i can just go there.

On another note i’ve been reading tons, all thanks to my beloved Kindle, which has to be the useful present i’ve had in years. I got it for Christmas upon request. You see i’m not exactly easy to buy for, so if christmas or my birthday is nearing, i subtly say “I’m thinking of getting a ———” name the product and then wait for someone to say “Why don’t i just get it for you for ———” i smile and walk away knowing that i’m getting what i want, and someone doesn’t have to buy me shit for occasion. We both win. Me more than them but still.

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