One Of Two Moods.

I woke up this morning with a headache. Mostly due to to much beer last night. I didn’t actually drink that much, but as i’d not eaten anything before i paid the price this morning. I figured i’ll gotten up later than i wanted to and that my day would be a shit waste of time.

You see i have two moods when it comes to days off work. I have the ‘Can’t be bothered to do anything‘ mood. And the ‘I can’t stop doing stuff‘ mood. The first is usually my default on days off. I just sit around watching TV wasting the day away, and than at the end of the day i blame said wasted time on something or someone else, it’s never my fault. The latter mood, is what happened today.

I woke up at 9am, and i figured it was early enough for me to just go back to sleep, because i was in Mood-1. Then about 15 minutes later i awoke again, this time i thought, ‘fuck it might as well get up‘ i grabbed my iPhone and started doing my morning ritual. Checking my eMails, Twitter, Google+ (I never check Facebook) i check for app updates, and if there are any i update them. I crawl out of bed and go to the bathroom for my early morning pee and…… you know…… the other thing….. okay okay i also take a dump, there i said it, i didn’t want to, i didn’t want to sound crass, but you made me.


 Anyway, after a quick shower, i make breakfast and sit down to watch a little tele and decide weather or not i’m going to attempt to change the mood i’m in, i’m still in default mood-1. I take stock of what i should be doing today. I check the time, 9:47 ‘ish. Than i think to myself ‘Fuck it, if i don’t do it now, i’ll have to wait till next Monday to do it and who knows if i’ll even do it then‘ so i jump into my jeans put on my boots grab a t-shirt and my coat, my wallet, my passport, my keys, my watch, my iPhone, my ear-buds, and one of my work jackets. I brush my teeth and i’m out the door by 10am.

First stop, the dry cleaners. I’ve never been to a dry cleaners before so have no idea what to expect or how much it’ll cost ‘Shit, will i have enough money, will my day stall at the first chore?‘ i step into the dry cleaners and walk to the counter, i hear a ‘Morning‘ from the owner, but i can’t see her yet, she is tucked away behind row upon row of hanging clothes. I casually toss my jacket on the counter as she appears. I ask how much, and she prints off a green ticket and asks when i want it back ‘Tomorrow or Wednesday?‘ i say next Monday. I leave the dry cleaners stuffing the green ticket into my wallet. That was pretty painless. Although i have to say, i’m not sure what else i expected. It’s not like i would have to fight off demons to deposit a black jacket to be cleaned. My over active imagination is a freak.

So, on to step two. A recorded delivery was attempted Thursday, or Wednesday, and as it needs to be signed for, and no one was in it was taken back to the post office. So that was chore two for the day. It’s a mile from where i was outside the dry cleaners. And as it is such a nice day i figured i’d walk, i had music playing and a sunny sky, i walked the mile in good time, about 15 minutes. Went to the ‘Other’ entrance of the post office where you pick up attempted deliveries, i handed the postman the ticket i was left and he asked me for ID, i showed him my passport (I bet you were wondering why i pick it up) he trotted off and a few moments later returned, i signed for it and took the letter. It was from my employer, the letter said that i had passes my three month trial period, yippee whoop de do i thought, who fucking cares. I stuffed the letter into my coat pocket, then headed to step 3.

Chore 3 was to buy one or two pairs of trousers for work. I didn’t know how much they’d cost, and would make the judgement of how many pairs i’d get once i found that out. On my way to MOSS, which was around the corner from the post office, i stopped at the bank and took £50 form my account. I walked into MOSS and announced ‘I would to purchase a pair of black trousers good sir‘ okay i didn’t say it exactly like that but you get the gist. I was taken up some stairs to the trouser department, i said they were for work so nothing special, good thing to as i spied the price of a few jackets and though, that this place might be to rich for me. I was measured and the old guy pulled out a pair of black trousers, handing them to me he then nodded towards the changing room cubical, i just told him that i’m okay, i’ll just take them thanks. I hate trying stuff on in stores, i just want in and out as quickly as possible, and i never usually have clothing issues. The price tag on the trousers said £25 or 2 for £45. So i told the old guy that i’d like two pairs please. At the till the bar codes were scanned and the old guy said ‘Oh, it’s £40 for two, not £45‘ then he throw me a smile. I handed over the cash and left the store and walked home, another mile, another 15 minutes.

I arrived home at around 10:57. All three chores done and two miles walked in 57’ish minutes. But now i’d entered into mood-2, and i needed to do more. I noticed that the garden hadn’t been mowed for some time so i thought ‘fuck it, i’ll mow the lawn‘. First i de-weeded the lawn with a new gadget, it has four metal teeth that dig into the root and then with a foot lever you pull it out, along with the root. After i took up all the weeds i could see i got out the lawn mower and got to work. All in all it took about another hour or so. I did remove the rotary washing-line before i started then walked up and down the lawn until i was done. I cleaned up, put away the tools, and put the greens bin back in the alleyway. The greens bin is for organic matter, the grass clipping in this case. We also put uneaten fruits and veg in there. I then stood in the garden and took in the smells. That freshly cut grass smell, that smell that says spring. The sun was high and warm the breeze cool. Perfect day really. Sometimes sitting indoors just isn’t an option, you know, but i still had things to do, so in i went. But the urge to go back outside was strong, i stopped the writing and made the last trip of my day.

To the supermarket i went, to buy jalapenos and black peppercorns. Now shopping isn’t something i do on a regular basis so have no idea where anything is. Drop me in a HMV and i’ll be able to go to the exact genre i want. Drop me in Tesco and i’m lost. I walked back and forth trying to find the bloody jalapenos, fucking Tesco staff had hidden them from me i knew it. But i persevered and eventually i won, i picked up two packs of 7. I figured as i’ve never cooked with jalapenos before i’d need a few, you know, for the trial and error portion of cooking. I picked up the peppercorns and used the self check out. Later i enjoyed a medium rare peppered steak with jalapenos. Not as hot as i expected, i think i might have over sautéed the jalapenos, someone said that if you saute them for to long you remove the hotness. But adding lemon can actually make them hotter. I have no lemon. But this is cool, it’s trial and error right, we learn from our mistakes. We make the mistake, then we watch youtube videos to learn the right way. How do you think i learned to iron my work shirts.

So, i know this blog is supposed to be about my writing, but i’ve had a day, a good day. I like being in Mood-2, it makes you feel like you’ve not wasted the day, even though i finished all this by 2pm and still have the rest of the day to write, i mean it’s 3:55pm right now. Good day.

As for the writing, i started a book yesterday, i reached my 2000 word daily limit and stopped dead in my tracks. And today i aim to get another 2000 words written. Of course on days off writing shouldn’t, and isn’t a problem, assuming i’m in the right mood (2) Tuesday to Saturday it is a little harder, i get about four hours after work to do stuff, which includes making and eating dinner and having a shower. But i guess i should at least try to get an hours worth of writing done. I mean an hour is something, right, i might not get to the 2000 daily limit but i’ll get something done, and that will bring me closer to the end. ‘Baby steps‘ then on Sundays and Mondays big giant leaps. I just have to write what i can in the time i have.

The book is being written from a script i’d finished years ago, knowing that i’ll never get to make it, i figured, i don’t need a budget if i novelise it, i don’t have to worry about locations and actors and catering, i can pretty much write what my imagination wants to. The script had the working title ‘A Passion for Violence‘ inspired by the film ‘A History of Violence‘. At first i liked the title but over time grew to hate it so just made it a working title, knowing that i’ll change it later. Well yesterday i did, i figured that it’s not a good title for a book anyway, a film maybe, but not a book, not if i want to be taken seriously, so i looked to one of my favourite authors, Robert Ludlum, i thought for a bit and decided to call the book ‘The Russian Connection‘. And even though i like this new title, i may still change it later on. So, back to the keyboard, to knock out the next 2000 words.

I’m not looking for a master works here, i mean i’ll make this the best book i can. But total word count and page count aren’t really things i care about right now, this is just an exercise to see if i can in fact write a novel, instead of just thinking about writing one. As Chuck Wendig would say ‘Finish what you fucking start‘. I really need to see if i can do that, good or bad, can i write a novel.

I just got a delivery.

I’ve already read the ‘Double Dead‘ eBook on my beloved Kindle but i just wanted to have the book too and as ‘Blackbirds‘ isn’t available on Kindle yet, the paper back will have to do for now. Chuck Wendig is turning into one of my favourite new authors to read. Sure he might not be new is the strictest sense of the word, but i mean new as in i’ve only just discovered him. I loved ‘Double Dead‘ and can’t wait to read ‘Blackbirds‘. But right now i’m reading ‘The Paris Option‘ by Robert Ludlum, an after that i’ll be reading ‘Hunter‘ by Robert Bidinotto, than i can get on to ‘Blackbirds‘, after which i’ll be reading ‘The Altman Code‘ another Ludlum book. My Kindle has become the best present i’ve ever had, well, that i can remember anyway, in recent years.

While down stairs opening up the Amazon box to free my ‘Wendig double bill book bonanza‘ i noticed the bottle of weed killer. I didn’t notice it before. To paraphrase some movie character somewhere, “Did my failure to see it make it unwelcome” (Cool points and a Geek-hood, like a knighthood, for the first person to tell me, ’cause i can’t remember, where that quote came from). Anyway, i couldn’t use the weed extractor on the patio weeds, so i fitted the sprayer to the bottle and attacked the weeds in the garden, then the driveway, yes, i’m still in Mood-2. Couldn’t you tell by the length of this blog that i’m still in need to things to do, and with out things to do i’m writing.

Okay, i’m done, you can go about your business now.

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