I missed yesterdays Blog again, sorry about that.

I can’t even remember what is was i was doing. It could have been my new AppleTV. But i can’t remember weather i bought it yesterday or the day before. Yes, my memory is that bad.

On the work front, my day has been shit, really really fucking SHIT!

Enough about work, My Apple TV gets most of its content from “The iCloud”, it’s supposed to be better this way, and a friend of mine contests to that, but i jus switched mine on and selected a TV show episode and got the following message ‘Your TV show will be ready to watch in 47 minutes‘ the episode is only 42 minutes. Now i get that streaming form the cloud is a good idea, but one thing that Apple seems to forget is that sometimes, peoples internet connection is fucking slow, so streaming form the iCloud is a none-starter. Just glad i can still stream straight form my iMac, which is quicker than receiving t from space.

My Book, The Russian Connection. I didn’t do any writing yesterday, or Wednesday. Actually i’m a little confused, because now it’s Friday and i know i wrote on Tuesday, but i only remember not writing on one day. Probably the same reason i can’t remember when i got my ATV2.


Fuck it i’m done

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