Word Count.

I try to set myself the goal of writing two thousand words per-day. Which didn’t work really, as i tend to forget to write after work. On my days off it isn’t a problem, given that i have tons of time, on work days, not so much, i even forget to write this blog sometimes. But i try, if i do sit down on a work day i write as much as i can, which isn’t usually that much. It is something though which only brings me closer to the end, right. ‘Cause it’s all about getting that first draft completed. Vomited up, raw, crappy, poorly written but complete, finished. Then the edits begin. So each time i write a little bit, no matter how much it brings me closer to the end.

Today i continued writing the opening chapter, but once i reached the 2000 word limit i couldn’t just stop, i was in the moment and things were moving fast so just continued. And i wrote 2700 words. A good day of writing for the amateur. And i finished the first chapter.

As i had such a great day of writing i decided to i should reward myself with beer and a curry. A curry with extra added Jalapenos.

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