Tea And a Chat.

I didn’t even turn on my computer on Thursday let alone write a blog. Sorry about that. But here i am writing another Sunday blog in the vain hope to apologise for that over sight. But then not much is going on.

Today i met up with an old friend, John, for a Tea in a coffee shop, which is just an evolution of something we always did when discussing films. It used to be a Wimpy, then a Burger King and now in our advanced years (35) we go to the more sophisticated Cafe Nero. We used to get a cup of tea and chat, put the world to rights and all that, mostly because we were there for only 3 hours. But now that time has increased. So it’s now a tea two chat. You can say a lot in 6 or 7 hours over a few cups of tea, and a few Lemon and Poppy Seed muffins. But they are nice. We caught up on whats happened since last we met but more importantly we discussed films, in general and one he wants to make this year. Three in total. The first being a test film so he can learn how to use his new camera, work out the bugs. You see we’re both used to point and shoot filming, using automatic settings like auto-focus, which with his new Canon 550D, he doesn’t have. The film will be shot in two parts, at two different times of year. But all he needs to do in the first part, which we should/might be shooting next week, Sunday or Monday. The seconds part is basically just to give it a narrative so it too can be uploaded to the internetz.

The second film is the one that he’s wanted to make for years, and making the first is so he nows his camera for this one. It’s a comedy sketch, and again i get two parts, as with ASYLUM (part 1 below) he thinks he can shot it in two days which is good and from what i’ve heard so far it should quiet the laugh, looking forward to getting in front of the camera again.

The third is a short action piece. I’m hoping we can shot them all this year. We talked about how we learned to shoot with ASYLUM, which for us was a hugh learning curve, before that we’d never do anything, so we weren’t sure what to expect and now, 12 years on our tastes have changed and i think his shooting style will be different as well as his ability to tell a story.

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