Today. Sunny Day. Day of Beer and eBooks.

That’s pretty much been my day today.

First though i when out for a walk, and ended up at my “Local” book store. Wondering around i remembered how much i liked just being in a book store and how proud i’d feel to one day have a book with my name on it sitting on a shelf in there somewhere. As i left i noticed in the window a book called ‘The Playdate’ and a piece of paper saying that the book is a thriller set in my home town. Well i thought, once i get paid i’ll be buying that. Mostly because it’s set in my home town, and i like thrillers, and if it’s set here, it’s most like it’s written by someone who lives here, write what you know and all, and it’s a small independent book store. And for those reasons i’ll happily part with cash for it.

So yeah, anyway, i walked home, bought some beer and decided to sit in the garden and read a new eBook i downloaded last night, it’s a novella by Chuck Wendig. If you read this blog you’ll know he’s a new favourite author, so i’ll pretty much read whatever he vomits out. I sat in the garden (Partly pictured below) and just read and drank beer, incidentally i’m all outta beer so may need to get some more, it’s nice, not having to work on a Monday, and just sitting in the garden, reading in the sun. Music playing from my iPhone’s iPod through a set of small speakers on the dinning room table, loud enough to annoy the neighbours, i should care, but i don’t really. I like the music and so should they. If they don’t like it. Then i guess they are going to be hearing music they don’t like. I got about 70% of the way through the book when i was hungry enough to want to eat, so i took my Kindle inside and took the curry from the fridge, i sliced up some jalapenos and added them to it, then cooked it, and ate it in the garden. Hot and Spicy.

It’s nice to have no worries. At least not for today anyway. For a day i can forget everything and relax, read, drink, soak in the vitamin-D and try not to burn to much. Nothing a hot shower won’t fix anyway.

So now i sit here typing this out wondering if i should go buy some more beer. Venture back out into the sun. Yes the sun hasn’t finished with London yet.


Fuck it. Who want’s a beer?

All the pictures taken below were with Hipstamatic – LENS – John S. FILM – Blanko.

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