My Greatest Obstacle Is Me…

Haven’t posted anything for quite some time. Sorry about that….

Not that you really give a shit but hey i can apologise, right?

I’m hungry…

Okay so this post, the reason i haven’t been posting lately is because i simply haven’t had much to say about anything, except work, and i’m guessing you’re all bored to tears of me talking about work so i didn’t. To save you the though of wondering whether or not you should click or not.

As far as writing goes, i hate to say it but i haven’t been writing. I’m a writer that doesn’t write, which kinda makes me a ‘Nothing’ right now. I hate that. I’m so easily distracted by fluff and shiny things that i can’t get into the groove of writing. But oddly i spend most of my days at work thinking about stories to write, even going as far as to ‘write’ then in my head. But once i get home i’m in no mood to write anything, i just want to eat, shower, and veg-out in front of the TV. I try to limit my TV viewing by not watching new shows unless the advert grabs me by the balls, or i like the subject matter. But other then that i think i only have two shows right now that are series linked in my Sky plus (Sky plus is like TiVo, and a series link means it’ll record each new episode).

I really am hungry…

So that’s been my life for the last………… oh i don’t know, to long, i haven’t written a single word. And that kinda annoys me. But i’m am the only one to blame for that, ’cause i haven’t the focus to do it every day.

I like to fantasise about being an author. Good enough to make a living form my writing. But if i don’t actually fucking write, that will never happen. My greatest obstacle is me.


“Just shut the fuck up and do it”

                                                                                                             – Tree

2 Comments on “My Greatest Obstacle Is Me…

  1. Jason, sometimes it is hard to write because the environment is too hectic, either outside or inside of us. You are bored by your job right so you assume everyone is bored of your job right now. Your easily being distracted because day dreaming is easier than actually doing. Get off your bum boy, do what needs to be done. Change of scenery for a few days, anything to help get your butt back in gear… even walk away from writing all together then return if need. You will get it sorted, eventually. Behind that jerk is a brilliant mind… use it. (that is the last time I talk serious with you)


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