Back On The Book Wagon..

And so today i started my writing again, this time i’m trying something different. I’m going to try to write less words per-day then before. Hopefully this time i’ll be more able to stick with it.

And so today i wrote 1194, bring my total up to 8966. Yes, my new daily total is only 1000 words. But i have a weekly target of 6000. If you can’t do the math on this i’ll help you out, That’s 1000 words, per-day over six days. Sunday is my day off. But lest say it comes to Monday and i’m short, it only really takes about an hour for me to write 1000. Yes i’m slow. so i can’t see me coming under my daily total but you never know, which is why i have the week target of 6000. If on Monday i have my daily 1000 plus, say 234 i didn’t write during the last week then on that Monday my daily target is 1234. Get it. What i don’t get during the week i can make up for on Mondays. That way i’m not tied down to hitting a mark every day, ’cause sometimes i’m just not in the mood to write and would only get a few hundred words written, having this fall back on Mondays, which is a day off work by the way, i can make up the missing word count, so i’m more likely to hit my weekly target.

Does any of this make any sense to you lot?

2 Comments on “Back On The Book Wagon..

  1. I have no daily goals. I tried once but always felt like a failure. My goal is simply to write each day weather it is 6 words or 5000


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