Yeaaa, That Didn’t Go Well.

So, i tried, i really tried.

And to begin with i wrote every day, met my daily word count, most time passing it. But one week i missed a day, then another then another. I haven’t written anything is ages, and i keep kicking myself for it.

Maybe writing isn’t my thing. But then what is my thing..?

Today it Wednesday, on Monday and Tuesday, not having work (I have a few weeks off) i figured i could get a ton of writing done. On Monday i wrote nothing, and on Tuesday i wrote nothing. Now today, it’s 16:16 and so far i’ve written, yep you guessed it, nothing.

I watched an episode of Star Trek The Next Generation (HD, Blu-Ray) and two episode of Game of Thrones season one (Blu-Ray). The rest of the day i’ve cleaned up a bit and just sat here bored.

Last night i said to myself, that i should never really be bored, or have nothing to do because i could always write something. Yet i sit here, bored doing nothing productive. Maybe i will work shit jobs the rest of my life always dreaming of doing something, but never doing it.

A wise man once said – “There is Do, and Do Not. There is no Try“.

I do for a bit, then spend a lot of time doing not. While always trying.

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