Build A Freaking Castle Dude… m’Lord.

Lately there have been a few Euro millions draws that have been pretty fucking large. The last one was around 148 million quid, which one dude won.

I’m pulling the “I am not amused” look.

But you know, well done, if you can beat those odds and pull a 148 million pound winning ticket out of your ass then, more the power to ya buddy. And you still owe me that twenty i gave you back in 1997, remember?

Anyway, you know how we all, at some point, think about what we would spend lottery money on, we’ve all done it at some point, i have and i know you have, not that i know any of you well enough to be sure, but come on, who are you kidding.

Now the average lotto win is around 4 million. When thinking about what i’d do with 148 million only one thing comes to mind.

As i’m a little eccentric, and maybe a little bit odd, i’d build castle. But not just any castle, oh no, i’d build Winterfell. Yes, Eddard Starks castle from the books A Song of Ice and Fire, and i’d build it full scale. With a Direwolf banner blowing in the wind. I’m not that odd that i’d change my name to Stark (They must always be a Stark in Winterfell). But i would force people to call me ‘m’Lord’, and if you don’t, well, i have a dungeon, and a gallows. I’d throw you in the dungeon for a few weeks, and if you still fail to call me ‘m’lord’ i’d hang you.


Is that weird?

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