Good progress this week.

So, the image below is this weeks writing progress;


The first column is the date, the second is the days word count to reach, the third is the actual word count reached, the fourth is total word count so far and the weekly amount to reach (6000 is the word count per week target) the fifth is the name of the project, and the sixth is the total pages written so far, and the last is the total word count for that project.

As you can see i missed the first two days of writing this week, Monday and Tuesday, but over the next four days i wrote a total of 10,054 words, which put me 4,054 over my weekly target of 6,000.

As you can imagine i was pretty fucking chuffed by the numbers, this is my best week of writing, EVER. Which is why i’m posting about it. If only i could to that much every week. I think the only reason i wrote that much was because i didn’t have a time constraint. After work i get four hours before i need to go to bed, or suffer the next day, i mean my days a boring enough as they are, i don’t need to be tired too. Somedays i’m falling asleep on my feet. I get in around 8pm and need to go to bed at 12am. I have four hour to make dinner, eat it, have a shower, write.

Being able to ignore the time and just write is so freeing. And i get so much done. On the first day i wrote five pages (from 65 to 70), then eight pages then six pages then six again. I wrote twenty five pages in that four day period.

After work, getting to 1,000 words a day is a slog, my mind is never in the work, so when i reach that 1,000th word, i finish the sentence or paragraph and stop. Writing shouldn’t be like that. I reach my days amount and i’m done. I’ve loved not having to care about how long i’ve been writing for, or whether i have to go to sleep in the next few minutes.

I’m back to work on Friday. So i have Monday to Thursday to hammer out as much as i can, once this book is finished, in a vomit draft anyway, i can then just sit back and edit it, chapter by chapter. This also means i can print off a copy and do that on the bus to work and on the way home.

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