I Love Mondays…

Only because i don’t work on Mondays.

Sunday and Monday are my weekend, and today has been pretty warm, in fact as i sit here typing out this crap i want to go back outside and read more in the sun. But i should really type this and post it for your reading pleasure ;P


Okay, yesterday i ordered Sky HD, so i can watch HD in my room. We have it down stairs and i hate that my TV is 1080P and there’s is 1080i. Meaning mine is a higher resolution, yet they have better picture quality. Can’t be having that, and so i have Sky HD on the way.

Ordered a few Blu-Rays from Amazon, which was a bit of a chore as Amazon was fucked up yesterday, pages not loading and shit, kinda pissed me off, but i got through it and ordered them. Escape from New York, The Things, Evil Dead, The Hunger Games. Yes i know that last one doesn’t fit the trend but hey, blow me.

Took a walk to the broadway today, got some money (rent) out of the bank and bought a few books, Eye of the Cricket and Bluebottle by James Sallis.

Then i sat in the garden as the day was so warm and read a James Sallis book, Long-Legfed Fly and drank a few (four) beers, while listening to rock music.

All in all today has bee a good day, but i’ve yet to write anything. My bad, i’ll do that later.


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