Filming Today…

Up at 8am, into the city for 11am, on location a little later. The set up for the first shot was an eye opener, we’ve never filmed with a DSLR (Canon D550) before, or a separate sound recording. Focus, slider, mic, levels, depth of field. So much more then we’re used to.

The first shot took awhile to set up as i said, but when we watched the first take back, and saw the quality of the image shot with the D550 using a prime len (35mm), we knew that the extra time it took for set ups was well worth it, even if it means we were out there longer then expected, it’s all worth it. Learning curve navigated.

We had planed to shot the whole film today, but it is dialogue heavy, one block i had was a good half page, which i couldn’t seem to remember, at all, if not for all that dialogue i think we would have had the film in the can, but we don’t. We managed, i recon, to get maybe two thirds of it shot, and all of the large dialogue shots, in a wide, an over the shoulder and a close up on both of us, lots shots. Would have been nice to have had two extras on the camera and on the sound equipment instead of one person on both. But you use what you got, right.

Anyway, at least this means that John can look at what we’ve done so far (the dailies) and figure out if we need any pick ups on that, which we can shoot when we go back for the last third.

The last third has less dialogue, but might be a little more, technical. Today we both sat down, side by side, the next days shooting we’ll be standing and moving about.

Looking forward to seeing the footage.

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