Images From BLT…

A John Cunningham film.

The Set

The first image was taken with my phone  as we entered what is the set for the film, an alley way we’d found a month ago, or more. We’d looked at several alleys for the film but this one had the right features, it opened on both ends, the others didn’t, it was wide so we wouldn’t be cramped in there. It did however have traffic, as little as it was, but it was there, not much we could do but grin and bare it. We didn’t really have issues, except because of the sound equipment, which picked up nearly everything, a car idling down the road would get picked up which meant, even if we could really hear it, the mic could, back in the days of video camera we didn’t care so much, the mics on video camera ain’t very good and wouldn’t pick that up, but John sound equipment could. Just something else we need to think about. Oh, that figure in the picture is John.

Once we thought about where to shoot – We had already done this, but back then we didn’t hear the air conditioner kick in, which happened about three minutes after getting there this time. Good thing actually– we got to work setting up, John getting the equipment ready while Rhona, John’s wife, applied my dirt (make-up) which was just eye liner rubbed in with a clothe, her idea, and genius ’cause it looked great. I did shoot some video, all in all about twenty minutes of it, but i want to edit it down before embedding here, which i might wait until the film is done.


Here, is me standing in for John, with only three of us on set to shoot the film i found myself standing in for John while her set up the shot and got focus, we draw chalk lines for markers, John would then stand on those markers and i would get to my position, yes i’m in costume. One of the cool things about the location was it’s isolation. We had very little traffic, even though it’s in London’s west-end. But hey, you can’t have everything right?

Supertramp with a banana

The next image, is me doing the same thing as before, but i was playing with my prop, a banana (I thought i’d inform you of that incase you didn’t know what a banana was). These two pictures were taken with the Canon 550D that John is using to make the film, you can take images while filming. I knew this and heard the shutter going off every now and then. I instagramed them for you

That banana got very, soft, we had six and i ate two of them, but due to some continuity issues with the damn banana we have to reshoot a few dialogue shots. Also we had a red bag problem as will. More on The Red Bag later. The point is though that because we couldn’t finish everything as we would have liked due to set up times we have to go back to finish up the film, which means we can reshoot those shots. Not all bad then, John is watching the dailies to see exactly what we need to reshoot.

The image below is as the caption says, it’s a screen capture (Instagramed) form the video recorded with the Canon 550D, Myself in the foreground, out of focus, and John (Cunningham) in focus. The film is basically an exchange between John’s and my characters. We sit and we talk. Hash things out, lots of dialogue, LOTS OF DIALOGUE.

A Screen Capture from the film.

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