I’m So Thin…

That means DRINK

Sometimes i wonder if i’m streatching myself to thin?

Feature/Short films. Novel(ella)/shortstories. It’s to much i tells ya.

So many writing projects to do, or get done and i don’t have enough time, computers, keyboards, or fingers, or brains. Yes, i need more brains. And beer.

Today i opened up an old short film script, it’s called ‘The Copy Boy‘, and as i don’t like giving to much away i might not tell you anything, except it’s about a psychopath.

I wrote the original maybe a year ago, and simply never got back to writing or editing it, i went on to ‘Woman in White‘, another short film which i re-wrote 4 or 5 times, and i have to say i’m pretty happy about where it is. The Copy Boy, was something that i could barely remember. Until that is, i started to read it, than everything came flooding back. Finding some pretty bad grammar and spelling mistakes along the way. And that i’m a sick fucking freak. (SPOILER ALERT!!1!)

Yes, i had to remove some pretty fucking sick shit from this script. Now it’s all implied. Okay maybe i’ll put it all back in more graphic detail. o.O

I re-wrote a bit of it, changing the odd character trait, ’cause i now know how i want the character to behave, i’ve learned a little more about psychopaths since i wrote it.

And i had an idea for another psychopath film on the way home from work on Saturday.

Why is it always psychopaths?

Anyway, unlike ‘Woman in White‘, ‘The Copy Boy‘ takes place in many locations where WiW is set in one house, one location. So ‘The Copy Boy‘ would not only cost more, but would be a much hard film to shoot. Unless you’re a film maker with experience. Which i’m not. Not really. I think i can do it, i mean i know what i want, and i’d hate for another director to miss the point, or see the point, not like it and change it. If that happened i’d have to cut the fucker up and dump them in a trash can somewhere………… Okay i’m giving away way to much about myself here…

I guess that is one the many fears i have with my work, that those who will have to interpret it won’t understand it and change things so they so, changing the point and its meaning. If i didn’t have that fear i’d most likely just put my short film scripts online for people to use, to go away and make as the will. But i dont’ want things to be easy for the audience, i want them to think, to use their brain power to understand “Why i did that“, i hate spelling things out for people. If you understand the meaning ‘Awesome‘ if you didn’t, that’s okay too, maybe you’ll be at work and be talking about this weird film you watched and go “ohhhhhhh…… okay that makes sense“.  And even if that doesn’t happen and you never understand it. That’s cool. It’ll always a mystery to you.

About to open my second can (pint) of beer (Carlsberg Export) I also watched the first five hours of ‘The Story of Film: An Odyssey‘ (A 15 part documentary on film, from start to finish, well a few years ago). Beer is good. And i’ve found that i’m drinking a lot more than usual. Does that make me a write now?

Okay get back on track Jason. Am i too restrictive with my work? Should i put this stuff out there for others to make? Others who are better at this film making then i am. I mean, i might not have the experience i’d like to have but i know my story, i know what was going through my mind when i wrote the characters. Sure i could sit down with a director and explain everything, but if the director doesn’t get it after reading it, maybe they’ll never get it.

Kickstarter starts here in Blighty (Britain) at the end of the month. Maybe i could just use that to get started. Though i doubt i’d make enough of the budget to order the coffee let alone shot a film.

Okay, enough of this, i have beer to drink and a script to re-read, again, and do stuff to.

2 Comments on “I’m So Thin…

  1. I have a really bad habit of overloading myself. I was up late last night agonizing because I needed to re-prioritize and cut down on the number of projects I’m working on. I realized that I’ll never fulfill my dreams if I keep spreading myself so thin.

    I don’t think you necessarily have to give away your projects, but it definitely wouldn’t hurt to focus on the ones that you feel have the most value. You can always come back to the other ones.


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