Just a Quicky…


I was thinking earlier that i might use this blogs name for my stuff.

And by stuff i mean films.


So a film would begin with;


A association with Head Trip Chronicles.

What do you think?

The thing about films is, once you’re working with a budget, allowing someone to fund your film, assuming you’re not crowd funded like using Kickstarter, your film isn’t really yours anymore, not until you can pay back that money. It’s different if it from the British film Council or the Lottery fund, those are more like grants, but if you seek out investors, they basically own it until you pay them back. If your film doesn’t make back it’s money, you’re going to need to pay back that money you “borrowed“, which ain’t gonna happen, so you go to court and film your production company for bankruptcy. Now that film company can’t make any more films and the dept is void. Handy.

But you don’t want that film companies name on anything else but the film, not on any equipment or your script, ’cause then the investors will own that. Bummer.

This is why you sometimes watch a cheap movie, and the production’s company is the title of the movie plus Productions, or films.

Like – “CheapAssMovie” produced by CheapAssMovie Productions.

It save the film maker for boring legal bullshit later on if the film fails and you can’t pay back all that money.

So, if i was able to make my own films without a budget i’d do the above. But if i had a budget, i’d use;


A association with Grifter Films & Head Trip Chronicles.

WiW meaning ‘Woman in White’ the name of the film. And Grifter Films and Head Trip to indicate me, the film maker. You know, in case it doesn’t fail. You’d know who made it.

Not sur why i want two names, Grifter and Head Trip. But i do. ‘Cause Grifter Films is basically just the films aspect of me, where Head Trip is kinda both films and books. This is where i post everything.

Does any of this make a lick of sense to anyone?

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