The Copy Boy.

Draft 1 – Stage32Shooting People

Another short film. This takes a little change in direction form ‘Woman in White’.

Where WiW was set in one location, the house, this film takes place over several, the key location being a flat in London.

The idea for this this film came about due to the work i was doing at the time, i was a security guard and did very little day to day. Except think. And i thought a lot, a dreamed up a story that a security guard was so bored with his job he snapped, something inside of him broke and he started to kill people, but he didn’t know he was doing it.

That idea changed somewhat, and became ‘The Copy Boy’, as you can tell from the title he isn’t a security guard anymore. He doesn’t snap. He is what he is. A monster.

In the original draft of this film i had him doing some pretty messed up stuff to his victim, but i removed it, thinking that it might be a little to much, to graphic and totally unnecessary. Yesterday i combed through it looking for spelling and grammatical errors and started making a few changes, mostly to his character, the way he behaves, before he wasn’t behaving like a psycho, and i thought that an audience wouldn’t believe it. What i want is for the audience to see something weird going on, but not see it until it hits them in the face. You could argue that i’m telling you all this right now, but i’m kinda hoping that, if the film is made, more people will see the film than read this blog (right now).

I have the film in a first draft and plan on doing more, maybe even this week. But i have another short film to write first. And a book (Jack Randall).

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