Woman in White.

 Draft 4 – Stage32Shooting People

Oddly i either haven’t written a blog on this yet or i can’t find it anywhere. But as i have just added a little widget to the page, the black one over there that says “Woman in White‘ i figured i’d better get something on this subject written up. And also create a page that can be updated. Actually its just occurred to me that i might have been updating this project on another website, one that is now Gone.

So, the ‘Woman in White‘ is a short film project, that started out as a simple challenge from Anne Burgot (Ristretto Break) who is a writer also, and is now liking to becoming a director (Good luck sweet pee) anyway, i happened to mention that i had this idea for a short film, the idea came form a dream or hallucination i had during, what i now know as, a Sleep Paralysis or Hypnopompic Sleep, where your brain wakes up but your body doesn’t so you’re conscious but paralysed (pretty fucking scary), during this time you have hallucinations. She said that i should write it up, and i happened to get a little cocky and say i but i could do it in one day, i then asked her to pick a number between 1 and 15, she asked why, but i just said, pick a number, she chose 14 and i said, fine it’ll be 14 pages.

I didn’t do it. But she jumped on me and the next day i sat at my, this, computer and planned it out, wrote an outline and then wrote out 14 pages of script. I sent it to her and she said she liked the premise. She did a little proof reading. Okay a lot of proof reading, my spelling and grammar are usually pretty fucking bad. And she gave it a little re-write. she was able to remove 4 or 5 pages without losing the point of the film. Oddly i couldn’t figure out what she had removed, which told me that what had been removed didn’t matter.

I then put the script out there, via Google+, and Scott, Dan, and Sarah (Last names removed) jumped in and gave their suggestions, some i used some i didn’t, but they all gave great feedback.

The film itself started out as a simple story of stress leading to the hallucinations, but it soon turned into more than that. Once i realised this i made one small change to the last scene. Small but effective.


Joseph has been made redundant, they knew it could happen, and Susan doesn’t earn enough to support them both. Not with what’s coming. Joseph is stressed and frustrated, then she comes. And things for Joseph get worse.

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