Jack Randall.

[18th Oct 2012]

So, it’s been awhile since i i visited this page, i even renamed it to more aptly display what the post is about. Basically the title of the project.

Yes it was called ‘The Russian Connection‘ but i decided this week that i should change it. It started to fell flat, not that the name on the main character is any better, but hey.


[Original Post]

So, after the chores were done and i’d given up on my job search (I have a job, i’m just looking for something closer to home as i hate commuting into the City each morning) i thought i’d just faff about with the artwork to ‘The Russian Connection’. I sourced a poster from Google images of George Cloneys film ‘The American‘, which is why he’s in the cover, i tried looking for pictures of a dude in a suit with a gun but only found the most ridicules pictures and none of them were in ‘Action’ they were just standing there holding up a gun as if they were Robert DeNiro in ‘Taxi Driver‘ but i keep looking and then saw the poster for ‘The American‘. I separated him, the orange box and the boarder so i could play with them more freely. This is just a mock up not something i’d actually use, kinda like just testing out an idea for the cover.

This is the kind of thing i do to help hold my interest in a project that might have slowed down a bit, i little creative playing around, it usually helps not only to keep my interest in the project but while i’m messing around with it i start to think of the project, where i am and how to get out of the sticky situation that i’m in. It just jump starts the creative juices then kicks them into over drive.

I like the concept, even though it’s pretty much identical to ‘The American‘ poster, it’s what i’m looking for, so i can take this and run with it when i come to designing the actual cover art work, ideas gotta start somewhere rights. I wanted to keep it simple, a simple image that tries to convey the book, my name and the title, it also need to look good and readable as a small thumbnail. Oh and the title may also change, it’s now just a working title. I liked it originally, but now i see it on a cover concept i’m not sure. But i guess i don’t actually need a cover for some time so it really doesn’t matter yet.

I’m the kind of guy who likes thing to match up nicely. The title and my name came from a cover art work i made for another project, i kept the font and layout, well pretty much. I even left it the same colour, i just changed the text. You can bet that as long as i have a say in the look of my covers, there will always by a similarity between them. My name and the title will most likely always go in the same place, or there abouts.

Okay i have to reiterate something here. This is not the actual cover i want to use. It’s just a concept, a guide to point me in the right direction. I’ll most like get an illustrator to do the real one anyway now that i think about it. I really like the 80’s video covers, the hand made ones. I want that. I can hand over an image like the one above and say “Something like this” and then just let them get on with it.

Anyway, time to write some more i have other projects to plot out too.

Question: Does your creative mind ever take a fucking break?

It seems that if i’m not thinking hard about the current project, my mind will wonder off and find something else for me to write about. Can i teach it like a dog learns tricks, feed it a treat if it lets me finish something before it gives me something else. ‘Cause i don’t know about you but the new intrusive projects that burst into my mind always seem far more interesting then the one i’m working on.

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