The Forgotten.


Draft 1 – Stage32Shooting People

Another short film script getting a little spit and polish.

I wrote this in August last year, and it popped up into my mind last week as i was trying to think of something to think about while doing nothing at work.

You see, most of my day is spent doing nothing, just wondering around a very small store, wearing a hole on the carpet, so i try to occupy my mind with stories, either film or book, just something to stop my brain from withering away to something with the consistency of liquid dog shit, but smelling much much worse. The smell of broken/shattered dreams. Like a unicorn on a BBQ.

I had forgotten about this film, which ironically is called, ‘The Forgotten‘.

It’s about a woman who at the start of the film is wondering around the streets at night, aimlessly in a kinda of trance. She has blood on her hands and clothes and a bruise on her right cheek, she’s been crying and her make up is a little smeared and she’s dressed for a night out. But she can’t remember why.

It’s a story of domestic violence, and a woman who is desperate for it to end.

Back when i first wrote it i hadn’t put in any of the domestic violence stuff, In the film itself the domestic violence it depicted in a dream like state, half remembered, so i’m just adding it now. Should have a first draft by the end of the day [18th Oct 2012].


I’ve gotten the script to a first draft. Finally.

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