Work-In-Progress Challenge…

I’ve been tagged by Brooke Johnson to answer a few questions based on, yup you guessed it, my current work in progress. Now i’ve never done one of these before so i’m not sure of the etiquette. So i guess i’ll just dive straight in then.

1, What is the title of your current work in progress?

I have several, i’ve said before that i stretch myself a little thin, but right now only one of them is a book. It’s had, so far three names, the first was ‘A Passion for Violence’, yeah i know right. The second title was ‘The Russian Connection‘, i love reading Robert Ludlum spy novels, so it seemed right at the time. But i soon started to dislike that one too. Right now it’s just called ‘Jack Randall‘ the name of the main character. But i’m sure it’ll change again.

2, Where did the idea for the WiP come from?

It actually came from the theme music to a video game (Metal Gear Solid 2). I’d listened to it and dreamed up a movie trailer. I then turned that trailer into a story and then a script. Yes a script, which i hated before i’d even gotten to the third act, so ended up changing pretty much everything in it. I finished up the page one rewrite and it came in at 119 pages. Years later i figured i could turn this story into a book, so that’s where i am now.

3, What genre would your WiP fall under?

It started out as a spy thriller, but its changed somewhat from the original idea and i’d now put it under the crime thriller genre.

4, Which actors would you choose to play characters in the movie rendition?

As this started life as a movie script, i wrote these characters with actors in mind. Ray Winston as the mentor, Keira Knightley as the love interest and the main character was always Me, what? it’s Keira Knightley dude, KEIRA KNIGHTLEY! Yes i have the basic, common garden variety male ego. But lately i haven’t thought to much about it, as i turned the story to a book. I’d have to get back to you on that one.

5, What is a one sentence synopsis of your WiP?

“When you hire an assassination, and intend on killing him after. Don’t miss.”

6, Will your book be self published or represented by an agency?

Most likely the self publishing route, This will be my first novel, and i’d like it out there as soon as i can get it out there. Self publishing through Amazon as an eBook seems a good place to start, at least this way it’s out there and people can read it. And it’ll be very cheap or even free. But i really want it out there for the feedback.

7, How long did it take to write?

Write? I’m still writing it, that’s why it’s a Work in progress. ;P

But it’s taken a long time, a loooong time, it’s hard to stay focused sometimes, especially when the book gets to a point in the story which is slow. Stay tuned.

8, What other WiP’s in your genre would you compare it to?

As this is my first i have no other WiP’s. But i’d like to think something from James Sallis or to a lesser extent Robert Ludlum. Yeah, i’m reaching big with those two.

9, What authors inspired you to write this WiP?

Robert Ludlum by far is my favourite author, i have all his books, and a few that bare his name that came after he died. James Sallis is new for me, even though he’s been around for awhile. Ludlum is very precise and gets into the technical stuff about spies, their trade craft, and equipment, which is why they thought he had been one, although i do think he worked for the NSA (Shhhhhhhh). Sallis is less so, spending more time on characters, who they are and how they feel. Sallis’ books are shorter, his longest being 255 pages. I like that. Short and sweet.

10, Tell us something else that might pique our interest in this WiP?

I spent three days typing out two chapters on my main characters torture scene, and the two chapters after that, and racked up 10,000+ words in those three days, and it all felt great. I may be sick. But an odd thing happened afterwards that i didn’t expect. My main character started to talk to himself.


No tags, as i don’t really know anyone to tag :( i’m lonely.

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